Age 50s – ED cured, 120 days

120 days ago I had ED totally and could not get erection no matter what she did. We are both in the age 50-60. Then one day I surfed on web to find some explanation; First I found a lot of “doctors-pages” with explanations like anxiety, depression ………. . . . . All these didn’t match to me while I have good health both physically and mentally.

Then after some hours reading I found Gary Wilson’s website Realized that I was really deep into a web-booty-addiction with years of 1-3 PMO every day. Started immediately on my nofap/noporn/noedge journey. Tried to have sex once every month. Got better and better. Now after 120 days I was able to have sex with full erection, long lasting and to control it and let my orgasm come when I wanted. Thanks to all of you on this website. You have given me support every day. And thanks to G.Wilson and his wife.

My wishes for the future is that the academic skilled persons among us fapstronauts will make a revolution in all kinds of encyclopedia to inform everybody about MO – that it easily leads to PMO which leads to ED. Not only ED, but also a “screwed” sex life in many ways and a “screwed” way to look at ladies.

LINK – 120 days report

by ErpMonk 121 days