Age 51 – ED for 5 years: Now rock-hard

I’m 65 days porn free now and seeing results. I’ve had ED since 2007. It had steadily gotten worse to the point that even Viagra didn’t help. I was getting depressed and desperate. I’ve been searching for ED remedies for months. I’ve tried everything, quiting caffeine, DHEA, vitamins and minerals, losing weight, adding muscle mass, increasing my cholesterol, herbs. I was starting to think it was something that I was going to have to live with, that it was just a part of aging. But something was telling me it wasn’t normal, I shouldn’t be experiencing this ED.

By chance I was surfing the net for erectile dysfunction topics and surfed into your brain on porn. When I watched the video I couldn’t believe it. Every symptom of porn induced ED that he described, I had. I was even faking orgasms occasionally because of delayed ejaculation caused by all the porn I’d masturbated to for years. After I watched the video I had so much hope. I knew that porn was the reason for my ED. It made so much sense.

I stopped cold turkey on the porn and I haven’t missed a bit. If porn robs me of real sex then it’s not worth it.

My recovery’s been up and down. But my morning erections have been very consistent the past couple of weeks and the last two times I’ve had sex I got the rock hard erections I hadn’t had in years and I maintained them the entire time. And ejaculations are coming more easily and feeling so much better. The sensation of sex is coming back too. Before when I was able to get a hard enough erection for sex it felt like my penis was almost numb. Now I can feel the vagina sliding over my penis and it feels WONDERFUL.

I’ll never watch another porn clip in my life and I’d encourage anyone struggling with ED to stop the PMO and I know you’ll see results.

INITIAL POST – 51 year old……recovering from ED

BY – krasak


LATER POST – prostate?

I’m over 130 days PMO free. I have masturbated 4 times and I’m having sex once or twice a week. One thing I’ve noticed since being PMO free is that my prostate issues have disappeared. When I was PMOing I probably masturbated 15 to 20 times a week. My prostate was frequently swollen and uncomfortable. I don’t know if being PMO free is the reason for my prostate health returning but I suspect it is. Is anyone else having a similar experience??