Age 52 – ED, “It works!” Back with separated spouse

I can’t believe it!! I seriously didn’t think I would ever have PIVO again but I did yesterday morning and it was amazing. A little background: I’m 52 (will be 53 next week), have been watching porn for at least 10 years (probably more), had ED for… you know I can’t even begin to guess how long I’ve had PIED.  I realized something wasn’t right for a long time but would attribute it to my age or other factors. My wife and I separated 7 months ago and my porn use escalated, that’s when things really started to become a lot worse regarding my ED.  I would go through cycles when watching porn.  I would get raging hard ons and intense O’s to being totally dead when watching the same scenes.  I never really escalated the type of porn I watched although I did think about watching tranny porn a few times but never did.  I started to wonder what was going on and found YBOP. 

The testimonies on the site spoke to me, I could relate to everything that was being conveyed.  I stopped watching porn immediately which was not a problem, once I knew that was where the problem lied I lost the desire to watch.  Although, I did have a strong desire here and there which would come out of nowhere. 

M was another story, I found it very hard to stop.  I told myself that as long as I didn’t watch porn I would be alright but realized pretty quickly I would have to give up M also.  The longest I went without M was 35 days, that is when I reset my M clock to the count you see today.  The last 12 days have been no problem at all. 

I went through many of the symptoms you read about; DD, mood swings (so much so that I heard a song on the radio one day while driving to work and started crying), intense desire to M, feeling happy then being depressed hours later.  This is certainly not an easy journey, but I write this today for two reasons – to give back to this community and thank Gary and Marnia for YBOP.  I have not written about this before but I am today to say to all you guys out there struggling with this that it is well worth the effort.  YOU WILL BE HEALED!! 

I know how you feel because I felt exactly how you do right now.  Like I wrote before I didn’t think I would ever have normal sex again.  You can too, just stay away from PMO and everything over time will be fine.  Please don’t give up, this does work.  Now I’m not promising that you will feel like superman, conquer the world or win the Noble Peace Prize, but if you stay away from PMO and MO you will be cured of ED.

I could write a lot more but I will leave it at that. If anyone has any questions at all please feel free to ask, I’m here to help any way  I can.

Good luck to all.

PS: The person I had sex with was my wife, we are trying to work things out.  Completing the act with her was huge because I though she was the main problem as to why I couldn’t perform.  As you now know I realized she wasn’t the problem at all,l it was PMO all along.  I told her about the problem and she has been very supportive.  We spoke about it and realized we hadn’t had sex in possibly 2 years which was a big issue as to why we separated.  All you married guys, think about it, this could possibly save your marriage.

LINK –   IT WORKS!! Don’t give up, its well worth the effort

By profound1