Age 60s – ED & delayed ejaculation cured. Wife’s happy.

I started this NoFap journey 100 days ago but fell hard on Day 40 and reset. I am a long time married man with 4 adult children and a wonderful, supportive wife. By some standards, I am successful in my family, church, social, financial and professional life.

But, most people did not know that I indulged in porn and masturbation from time to time. I would go for months and months and then relapse. My wife would be out of town for a time, I would indulge. Fortunately, this did not affect our sexual life until several years ago when my wife went through her change of life (menopause). She suffered some infections and developed medical problems with her vagina which made prolonged sexual intercourse painful. I was unable to go long enough to ejaculate, so we would finish by hand. That was our sex life for years thereafter.

In the last year she was able to get medical help and intercourse became more pleasurable for her. Unfortunately, in view of our habit of me cumming by hand and the fact that I had been indulging in P and M, I developed delayed ejaculation (DE). I could not cum PIV. Sometimes it took a long time by hand. No matter how long I thrusted inside her, I could not finish PIV. I thought we were doomed to this way of love making for the rest of our marriage.

I came across NoFap about 3 months ago and read some of the posts, especially regarding DE, ED and its relationship to PMO. I decided that I wanted to get back to the days when my wife and I could have passionate sex for a reasonable time and I would finish inside her.

I joined NoFap with the purpose of getting cured from DE. This journey has been hard and wonderful at the same time over the last 60 days. After 2 weeks, I was able to cum PIV again. This happened 3 times the following week. I thought I had been cured. Then, the flatline. In fact, I began experiencing serious erectile dysfunction (ED) like never before: meaning, I would often get an erection but before I could penetrate it would go soft. Or, I would penetrate and after some thrusting, go soft. It was terrible (the agony). I was so frustrated that I posted on here seeking help.

Now comes the good part (the ecstasy)! Yesterday, I came twice PIV. No ED and no DE. We did it in the morning before work and then 12 hours later (remember, I am an old man)! Nice rock hard dick and lots of cum! Wife happy with multiple orgasms. It had been 4 weeks since we had such good sex. I cannot explain the change but I hope it continues. I think the NoFap community had something to do with it. Thanks.

Moral of the story: Don’t give up. Keep a way from porn, edging and masturbating.

LINK – 60 day report: the agony and the ecstasy

by gjb92544


UPDATEFor Men Over 50 Only

I came to NoFap over six months by accident. I joined because I was having occasional ED problems and persistent DE (delayed ejacutlation) issues when having sex with my wife. I believe these were related to PMO. I have directed this message to older men, because most of the young ones here cannot relate. I am an older man married to a wonderful older wife. Eventhough married a long time, we still love each other passionately.

On day 175 and ED is gone! It seems like I can get and stay erect better than ever. My DE problem persists. My wife and I are having frequent sexual intercourse (4 times per week) but I only ejaculate about every fourth time. I have kept a record and I cum about every 7 to 9 days. Because I can go long, my wife has multiple orgasms and I have lots of pleasure, but I get to the point of “almost” and then no more.


UPDATE 2 – 6 months – Yikes!

Cannot believe it has been six months since I started on this NoFap streak. I came to NoFap about 45 days earlier but relapsed and reset my counter. I got serious 6 months ago because I was experiencing occasional ED and persistent DE. The ED is gone and I am able now to ejaculate PIV about 1 in 4 times having sex with my beautiful wife. I believe I will cum more often but I am not worried about it. What will be will be.

I started this journey a couple days after my wife had gone out of town for a week and I had majorly binged for 2 days. You know, the sitting in front of the computer jacking off for hours looking a porn until I finally came at 1:00 in morning. Dragging myself to work the next day. I knew this behavior had to stop, especially in view of the performance problems I was having with my wife.

The good news is that my desire to masturbate is nearly gone and sex with my wife is more satisfying. She also seems more into me and initiates more often. On the other hand, unless I keep my mind straight, I am tempted to look at porn. I have looked at it from time to time over the past 6 months but only for short periods and without MO. More and more, I am finding that porn is not where I want to go.

My greatest success to date is when my wife was out of town again in April for 8 days. I was alone but I was able to resist porn and masturbation altogether. No P, no M, no O. Went hardmode. The night she returned we had the sweetest, most fulfilling sex ever and I came PIV.

Thanks for the encouragement from many of you over the past 6 months. I don’t think I could have done it without NoFap. Keep going guys, your best days are ahead!