Age 63 – Many amazing health benefits; More patience, better mood, temper, & relationships

Hi Fellow Fapstronauts,

53 days after abstaining from PMO, the first time I have ever been completely PMO free with no relapses since age 15 (I’m 63 now), I have noticed the following amazing yet obvious improvements:

  • Muscle and bone aches, especially around the shoulders, which have been bugging me since my early thirties, have completely disappeared
  • Ringing noise in my ears, you can imagine how annoying that can be, has gone down to an acceptable level
  • More patience, better mood and better temper
  • Better relationship with my spouse
  • More energy to do things that I used to procrastinate
  • Better social interaction, higher self esteem
  • Better sleep
  • My hands, which used to chap seriously in winter and cold weather to the degree of bleeding, chap no more this winter

My advice to teenage Fapstronauts, don’t waste your life like me in PMO for 48 years (your lives are actually in your own hands) before realizing how wrong it is, take actions now and stick to it for the rest of your life !

Yours sincerely,
31 Dec 2014

Thread: Obvious Improvements after 53 Days of No PMO

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