Anxiety and depression don’t impact my life anymore


I don’t post on forums usually but over the last couple weeks as the 100 day mark came and went I decided I would enjoy putting some of my thoughts in words to see if anyone else can relate, and hopefully I can motivate others who are just starting their self improvement journey.

As a bit of background; not too long ago I moved to a different city for work, a city in which I knew nobody. After a little while I settled into a sort of routine where my free time was spent going to the gym, then coming home and doing video games, tv, fapping, smoking weed etc – I thought I was establishing a self sufficient lifestyle but I was wrong. After a while I became unhappy and knew that something needed to change but was unsure quite how, so as a means to make change I started nofap. I had tried it before a few years ago and managed to reach 60 days before giving up and going back to my old routine of PMO everyday.

WHAT I HAVE DISCOVERED after 111 days:

  • Less anxiety/depression: It was getting to the point where I was considering if I had generalized anxiety & depression because I was beginning to feel a lot of anxiety and depression almost every day. After stopping PMO I’d say over the next 50 days or so both tapered off to a more manageable level where they don’t impact my life that much anymore. I still get nervous talking to people but I think I just need to work on my social skills there.
  • More energy: I think I felt more drive and energy to achieve something, I’ve always been really into working out but since I’ve done nofap my fitness ambitions have exploded; I go to the gym twice as often and really stepped up my craft to learn about eating and training in the most effective way possible.
  • Routine: This is the key to success srs. Start your day with some meditation or by saying some empowering phrases out loud and add lifting weights to your schedule at least twice a week. Cannot emphasize this enough.
  • Women: I am far more attracted to them in real life. I also have a new found motivation to talk to them.
  • Most importantly of all !!! The above benefits are good but not really life changing. Nofap won’t change your life. What it has done is take the mask off and give me the truth. I see now that PMO is bad for me. I am going to quit smoking weed today because that is also bad for me. I have sold my playstation. When I do any of these things I lose my desire to be social and to live a productive life, I simply cannot go back. I am not sure I can fap and be the person I am trying to become.

Therefore I have no choice but to continue to live and improve this new lifestyle. Over the last few weeks it has all become clear to me; I need to talk to new people and make my life what I want it to be. I have been talking to more girls in the last few weeks than the last year, I used to sit at home being sad about how I don’t get girls but there’s so much opportunity out there if you want to take it. Be present in the moment. Find out what you want and make it happen.

Also side note I don’t really get urges anymore but when I did I used to think “do you want to be the guy who sits in his room and faps all day ? Do you want to be that loser ?” it worked everytime. I don’t think nofap is necessary for a lot of people but for me it is.

LINK – 111 days report

By pinkdolphin1