Before NoFap I wasn’t part of the world. Instead I simply watched others do things.

I did it. 90 days. Although I have wanted to write this for a while, I felt that I should keep with tradition and give the usual 90-day success story. Well like any other ordinary success story, I’ll start off by how I was before NoFap. You’ve probably already imagined a stereotypical porn user/fapper who was awkward, soft-spoken, and shy.

Guess what? You’re right. Before NoFap I wasn’t part of the world. Instead I simply watched others do things. Life was passing me by as I spent countless of my precious and priceless minutes watching pixels*. Minute after minute, I could have been do so many more things that could improve me. Yet, I wasn’t reaching my full potential. I don’t even think I was reaching half my potential because I still believe that there a long road ahead of me and for the path to my full potential. I wasn’t living. I decided that PMO was harming my state of mind and my health about two years ago, and I decided that I was going to quit. I had no idea what I was in for. Truthfully, it’s impossible for me to remember how many times I’ve failed a streak or how many times I’ve relapsed. But, I kept going. I kept trying. I kept pushing. I kept fighting. It didn’t stop me. There were times where I felt hopeless, lost, and confused. And it is through this journey of adversity, and the test of tenacity, that we truly grow.

NoFap is about self-improvement. I have come to realize that “superpowers” are not actual superpowers. In fact, the term “superpowers” is insulting. It degrades the value of the emotions, efforts, and feelings behind it. We get a surge of vitality, and this vitality is our greatness. We begin to see ourselves and what our true potential is. We begin to see our greatness, and that we have greatness within ourselves. So I’ve come to the conclusion that “superpowers” are not real. Our greatness is. As humans, we have overcome many challenges in our path. The space shuttle, the plane, the automobile, and everything that has been created or accomplished weren’t here when we arrived. People had to place their time and efforts to get over obstacles and to break down barriers. So when we face NoFap and the challenges it brings, then we begin to live. NoFap is simply a stepping stone to much greater things. Life isn’t going to get any easier if you don’t touch yourself for X amount of days. Instead, you will grow stronger and change in ways that you never thought possible. As Earl Nightingale said, “We are what we think about.” Throughout our NoFap journey we eventually stop thinking about pornography and instead replace the thoughts with more positive ones. We begin to think about motivational quotes, the ways to build up our courage, or simply our dreams and goals. Our thought process changes entirely as constructive synapses grow stronger and toxic ones die out. We become better human beings.

NoFap is a door to change, good change. It allows us to realize that we have been hopelessly wasting our time and to then give us the courage to change for better. I find myself seeing things in my life in a whole new light. I’ve also become more confident, happy, and most importantly, much more appreciative of what surrounds me. I feel accomplished of my feat, and blessed to be part of the same world with you all and to be part of this planet called Earth, in which there are billions of beautiful people. Some may call NoFap a cult, but they fail to see what it truly is. “Someone’s opinion of you does not have to dictate your reality.” The reality that I choose to believe in, is that NoFap is a group of people that are determined for success. We are willing to challenge ourselves in order to prove to ourselves that it’s possible. That we are strong. That we are tenacious. That we are courageous. And that we have greatness.

So if you find yourself struggling with NoFap, keep going.

Keep your chin up. Think positively. Find inspiration. (Earl Nightingale, Les Brown, r/GetMotivated, etc…) Read books. Excercise. Take cold showers. Go for your goals. Learn. Explore. Live life. And love.

Why should your life be constrained by a computer screen? You have one shot, make it a great one.

*I just wanted to put into perspective how much time we spend wasting on PMO.

Lets say the average user spends around 30 minutes on PMO. It seems that would be an average time for me, feel free to use any number you like. Now if I did this 4 times a week, which was not uncommon for me, then I would spend 120 minutes, or 2 hours, on PMO. I could’ve easily used this time for plenty of other better things that exist in the world! You can continue to calculate and see how much time is accumulated. Again, feel free to use the numbers that seem reasonable to you if you find these numbers incorrect.


30 min * 4 days = 120 min (2 hours)


120 min * 4 weeks = 480 min (8 hours)


480 min * 12 months = 5760 min (96 hours) (4 days)

tl;dr No one got anywhere by being lazy. Read the whole thing.

LINK – 90 Days, I Did It! What NoFap Is About.

by throwFapOut