Brain fog disappeared, far more social, more comfortable around girls

Through trial and error I can now proudly say that I am one of those that have completed three months. Three months that has been a rollercoaster ride for first two months and the last month has been a blast. Porn has also no longer been a part of me in 6 months and before that I have also excluded that from my life in almost a year but came back to PMO before I found this subreddit.

I never really had problem about controlling my masturbation habit and could easily abstain 2-3 weeks I also felt the confidence boost from not jacking it but thought why not just completely cut it out and see what happens. The first month I could definitely feel something that awoke in my and I felt more like a human in social interactions and not so much like a robot. As time went on I didn’t feel that quitting was enough and I realized that you should always try to improve yourself.

I dont know really what else to say than telling what has happened in different areas of my life:

  • Social life My social life has improved. I already had great friends but my relationship to them has improved alot. I feel closer to them now and I can share much more of my personal life with them and like wise. I would consider myself as an introvert and had a little social anxiety but I defintely been more extroverted during my NoFap journey and found myself craving more social interactions and getting out of the house much more has also been a contribute to getting better being social. I have also gotten closer my mother and father and I enjoy spending more time with them and dont find it as a burden.
  • Education I dont have much to say about this but I have always been a grade B student and would occasionally get an A but since the brain fog has disappeared my mind is super sharp and I have an easier time remembering what I have studied. The good part is I also find new knowledge and classes I previously thought was boring much more interesting.
  • Love life This is one of the areas that I really didn’t focus on. When I began I did it mostly to get more comftable around girls and find a great girl. As I progressed I found out that NoFap is much more about getting a girls it is about finding you own potential first. Improving myself has then been my number one goal. I feel like now I am more proud of myself now than ever before. But to say it I do feel more comfortable around girls and I do also noticed that girls check me out more now that I have better self-esteem.
  • Dreams Before I lost sight of my dreams and didn’t really know what I wanted to achieve in my life. I have gotten a better sight of my life-term goals and found out what I want in my life. These goals are what make me today and are totally a factor for getting up in the morning because I know someday I will be where I have always dreamed about.

I think that was all what I wanted to say right now and quitting masturbation was one of my best decisions in my life.

Thanks for reading what I had to say.

LINK – 90 days report and AMA.

by St-Luke