Brain fog lifted, Social life improved, feel more like a real Human for the first time in life

Well guys, I’m happy to tell you all I hit the 90 days without PMO ever, longest streak and my second attempts on being a PMO addict myself for seven years. Well, today it is my birthday and that I achieved my goal of 90 days without PMO and will continue this path until forever. Since I just hit my goal, I went to make an account and to post this and share what are my experiences this pass 90 days on the path of “Rewired” my brain.

First of, I am a porn addict that started when my friend showed me a first “nude” pic and then it started there. When from pictures to gif, and into real porn. Started when I was 13, PMO is pretty much a constant thing of my life. My social life was the worse, I’m very shy and pretty much don’t care about anyone. Didn’t think it was a problem until my parents started to tell me why I don’t have many friends. Brain fog, bad attention span, you name it, horrible life I got this pass seven years. Well, let cut to the chase, on October 4th, I decided that I should attempt the challenged head on seriously, hardcore no PMO. Since I attempted the challenge myself without knowing NoFap community before October 4th and failed miserably, only did 14 days straight and then binged for probably the whole week. As I mention, I didn’t know about NoFap community and I challenged myself, but then after I binged so hard, I felt bad and started to googled how to stop, and run across NoFap. So I realized that many people like me having this problem and I started to read many people post about “Super power” and thinking I should start too. I didn’t join the community yet since I’m not very social to even do it. Well, here it started on October 4th.

Sorry for the long post about it, but now the serious part on how I go through 90 days smoothly with being a huge addict myself.

  • First off, I didn’t use porn filter or anything to block porn (I know, it’s crazy, but I didn’t bother because it a challenge for myself.) I know that the porn blocker is just a temporary brick wall that I will turn it off someday, so I challenge myself not to use it
  • Second, find a secondary hobby, my hobby was to talk to my friends and making new friends.
  • Third, I avoid my “Fun Time” zone, aka my room when I feel a needs to do it. Whatever its the bathroom or bedroom, I avoid it and don’t bother with it.
  • Fourth, everytime I got the crave and go to my Fun Time Zone, I say to myself NO! and throw my phone across the room and walk out. (Good thing my phone didn’t break all the time I threw it); Not recommend but that what help me by slamming the phone on my bed or toss it across the room.

That’s all I can think of, but it sure did help me quite a lot, but I think without using porn filter helped me the most, since I know I don’t force myself like being a jail blocking something off the internet. I don’t know how to describe it, but my subconscious think it is good to go Without PMO using this technique but everyone is different :D. Now that I mentioned some technique I used, I like to tell you how is my 90 days goes from day 1 to 90; and lists what I gain from this experience.

Day 1-30: Most hardest time of my life, so horrible that I don’t even want to think about it. Constantly bombarded with watching porn now! and getting super horny even when watching simple Anime T_T. Well, I keep constantly going on NoFap for some reassuring and reading people post. Haven’t use the panic button at all. I know you think I am crazy not to use the panic button, well as I said in my introduction, I want to face my addiction FACE ON, no help at all (No porn Filter nor Panic button). Constantly going to my Fun Time Zone and started to turn on my phone, nope I threw it across the room most of the timeor slam it on my bed and walk out after battle the urge for like 10-15 minutes. As, I said, I avoid my room all day long. One time, an app I used to watch funny stuff got a post about naked and funny show, I started to watch it uncensored but I tried to fight the urged face on and my temptation about porn started to drop from there (It’s weird but I got no temptation on touching myself at all)

  • Brain Fog still occur
  • Socialize a little better, I made a lot of friends and I approached girls more easily
  • Started to workout and have motivations on doing a lot of stuff from free time.
  • Less tempting at look at porn in the last week of first 30 days

Days 31-60: I think it is the easiest months of doing the Hardcore no PMO in my journey that I started to discovered “Myself” as a person. One thing is that flatline hit me like a truck during those 30 days. I feel my emotions run amok that I can’t even control it. Sadness and happiness, its mixed in really bad. No motivation and even stop talking to my friends the first two weeks of the flatline. After that, I found “myself”, I have sympathy for other that I have never felt before. I mean, when I PMO everyday, I looked at everyone as an object no better than me. I started to treat myself better as well as friends and family. I heard many thing on the news about sad stuff that make me tears up so easily from the emotions. I don’t know how to describe it but the emotions is surreal. I actually love the feeling. As my social life improved, girls noticed me more and I made more girl-friends than dude :D, its awesome. I didn’t even judge by how they look, like I would tap that, but I “Want to talk to them and get to know them more”. I didn’t even think about Porn and that I need it at all until yesterday (90th days on Hardcore No PMO).

  • Flatline like a boss
  • Feel emotional and sympathy toward everything
  •  Didn’t even care about porn at all
  • Still got the brain fog
  • Started to treat myself better
  • Look at girls as who they are and not judging them from the outside like an object.

Days 61-90: Now these days are what I felt like I am almost done rebooting my stupid, born addicting brain that I had. I can finally hear the tiny voice in my head loud and clear as I think to myself. I welcomed it back with tears one day thinking how great it feel to have my brain fog finally lifted. I felt empowered, I felt joy, and Emotions that make my world feel like I am belong to this world. Before no PMO, I hated this world and wish I was in some fantasy world because how “boring” it is. Now, I take my life in this “reality” more satisfying. Porn is not a part of my inner thought, even when I was dreaming, I know it crazy and believe me or not, its up to you -the reader-; I got a dream about watch porn on my phone, I guess its like a wet dream that about to happen, but I said NO! to the temptation and hit myself in the face so hard that I woke up and remembered it so vividly. I have the dream a couple of times that I was about to watch porn/ about to have sex, I said NO! (Super Powerful word) and woke up. I have trained my subconscious mind to said no to porn or any explicit, erotic stuff that come to mind. I guess I can say its a super power :D. I think because I don’t use porn blockers and fight my addiction faced on, I was able to be this strong-minded about quitting this stupid PMO for good.

  • Brain Fog disappeared/lifted and finally hearing my inner voice clearly and not like it hiding in the back of my mind when I PMO
  • Social life improved that I don’t have fear to talk to people
  • Feel more Dominant around people and not an ‘Observer’ of other people
  • Emotionally and feel more like a real Human for the first time in life
  • No more porn thoughts at all

Wew, such a lengthy post sorry about that. I just want to share almost most of my experience on my journey to stop PMO for good. I like to continue this path and Wish everyone luck on their journey to stop PMO for months, years, or for life. As people always said, super power or not, it is varies between people, but I know I didn’t gained any super power, but I gained my long lost self. Thank you all for reading this, and if you like to know my full story, ask me in the comments and I would love to write the complete story of how I get through 90 days. I hope I got a star to show it(I just summit the counter badge so hopefully it shows). Also, I use a days counter app to counts my days. Good luck to all the fapstronauts like me!

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by Zr21