Completed the 90 day challenge three times without realizing it, I wish I would have known that my life had improved because of no PMO.

Hello, I am a long time reader first time poster.

I discovered this sub randomly a few months ago. I guess I should tell you guys my story. Started looking at porn when I was 12, didn’t start masturbating until I was 14, for some reason it didn’t click until then. In highschool I was awkward anxious and shy. Didn’t have a girlfriend and a lot of friends. I was pretty miserable, I didn’t realize that PMO had anything to do with it.

Flash forward to my freshman year of college. I lived in the dorms, I had a roommate and a communal bathroom so I didn’t have any privacy to PMO. My life was going really good at that time. I had a lot of friends and I even had a girlfriend. Things were great. At the start of the spring semester that year my roommate moved out and with the extra privacy I started to PMO again. I started to be shy and awkward again. My grades and my social life suffered.

I moved home after that year and did nothing with my life. I would PMO 2-3 times a day and play video games. I decided to join the Army. During basic training I wasn’t able to PMO. My confidence started growing and I was feeling like a new person. However as soon as I got to my first duty station the first thing I did was buy a laptop and PMO. I started back with PMOing 2-3 times a day. Whenever I tried to have sex with a girl I had a hard time staying hard. I always blamed it on booze and having to wear a condom. I actually convinced my self that looking at porn was good because it would help my “endurance”. I eventually got a girlfriend that was understanding and worked through it with me. Eventually I was having sex with her almost everyday and I wasn’t looking at porn because I was spending so much time with her. My confidence skyrocketed. I was doing well in my Army career and was really happy.

My contract ended in the summer of 2012 so I moved home and am currently going to college. I started to PMOing again on a 1-3 times daily basis. Despite having a lot of friends and having an awesome girlfriend in the Army, I now have no friends to hang out with or a girlfriend. I just go to school, PMO, and play video games.

I discovered this subreddit about 6 months ago and have had a few small streaks the past few months. Today I finally realized I need to quit having small streaks. I just need to end PMO completely.

It never occurred to me that the best times in my life were the times that I wasn’t PMOing. I wish I would have known this when I was younger. I now know that I shouldn’t dwell on the past anymore. I need to focus on the future.

Thank you for reading. I’m hoping to become an active poster in this sub and help improve the community.

LINK Completed the 90 day challenge three times without realizing it, I wish I would have known that my life had improved because of no PMO. Now I start fresh.

by jackgLV