Cured my anorgasmia, Nofap is totally worth it!

Throwaway because I am a coward. Now i’ll try to avoid being too explicit, but some details are necessary to accurately convey the magnitude of my success story (and the elation i feel because of it!).

Back in January, i got a girlfriend. I could go on all day about how amazing and wonderful and beautiful she is, but i’ll spare you the details. A couple of weeks after we started dating, things started heating up. Before this point, I had regularly PMO’d freely for years, not thinking much of it. When my girlfriend tried to pleasure me, it just wasn’t the same. In fact, sometimes I barely felt anything! handjobs, oral, even straight-up vaginal sex wouldn’t feel good enough to orgasm! I felt horrible because I could tell my girlfriend didn’t feel sexy or desired enough.

So I did some research, and eventually stumbled onto this subreddit. I learned that PMO has been destroying my sexual configuration and it would take months of abstinence from it to correct. So I deleted all my porn, stopped fapping, and unsubbed from all sorts of NSFW subreddits that I had fancied. I would still do sexual things with my girlfriend, though. I’ve gotten blue balls from it just about every time, but I wasn’t about to give up or give in to ease a little discomfort. I endured through February and March, and last night I was able to achieve my long-term goal.

I was able to achieve an orgasm with my girlfriend!

I bring you this story because regardless of whether or not you have a girlfriend, nofap can do wonders for your sexual health if you stay strong and adhere to its teachings! The joy and happiness my girlfriend and I shared last night was totally worth all the temptation, all the discomfort, and all the resistance I endured to get there. Regardless of whether you participate in NoFap for yourself or someone else, I promise that you can do it!

LINK Nofap is totally worth it!

by nofapsuccessstory