Daily PMO in 31 years (ED) – My 90 day report: steady progress

Very happy to have reached day 96. New target is 180 days.

Positive changes:

  • Energy levels are steadily increasing and are back where they were 10 years ago.
  • Having much more sex with my wife than before.
  • Lost 13kg. Now weigh the same as when i was in my 20s.
  • Moving forward rapidly in my career, and making decisions i should have made many years ago. Ditched some clients, moving into new areas of work etc.
  • Decreasing my “electronic life” and increasing my “real life” – going for walks every day, going to new coffee shops and places.
  • Women everywhere are so much more attractive than before.
  • Started a paleo diet.
  • Stopped drinking, which I used to do every day.

Still working on:

  • Brain fog is still there.
  • Still got ED, but after 30 years of daily PMO i expect this to take up to a year to get properly fixed.


  • My dopamine production/reception system must have been totally screwed, with my “electronic life” having hijacked my “real life”. Now I’m working hard to get my “real life” (e.g. visting friends, working, having adventures, getting exercise) back and able to motivate me in the way that it used to.
  • My habits must have created physical changes in my brain and hijacked circuitry from other systems.
  • A PMO habit is definitely an addiction, and i was an addict. I don’t believe that PMO can be done in moderation.
  • Stopping PMO must has given me the surplus energy/willpower i needed to start fixing my life and everything that was Fu*** about it.

Insightful books:

Useful tip for going PMO free:

  • Realize that your porn brain is very sensitive. Even the smallest bit of nude or sexy imagery can trigger an old pattern and take lots and lots of willpower to get the mind back under control. Sometimes this took me a couple hours before i could refocus my thoughts.

LINK – 90 day report: stready progress

by blackmirrorlight


30 DAY REPORT – My 30 day report.

Thanks to nofap and reading Brain Rebalanced. I’ve just reached my 30 day milestone.

This is the longest I’ve been without a daily pmo in 31 years. I’ve tried before but never properly understood the damage that it was doing to my brain and life. This understanding and nofap inspirational stories has given me the momentum I needed.

For the past 3 years I’ve been suffering with ED and a chronic lack of energy and engagement with life. I did not feel depressed as much as just uninspired and unwilling to take risks and exploit opportunity that came my way. I’ve also been battling chronic brain fog and my earnings as a freelancer are half what they used to be as a result of this.

Time for the good news. My energy has definitely increased by 50% in the 30 days of nofap. I am much more inspired, and have churned out more proposals to clients in the past 30 days than during the last 12 months. My work days are more productive. I have also started getting some exercise. I have the feeling that I have a future again – one that I can work towards and enjoy.

Women all around me, in all shapes and sizes, have suddenly become much more attractive than they used to be. My wife’s attractiveness has also increased and we’ve had sex twice in past 30 days. Unfortunately, still have some ED and hoping this will go in time.

Brain fog still there, but from other nofap stories it looks like I have another month or two to go. Hoping for day 60 or 90.

My experience shows the power of a pmo at messing up the reward and motivation circuitry in my brain. Its hijacking means that ordinary enjoyable activities and opportunities can no longer compete with our instinctual programming, and our brains confusion of pmo with real sex. We become a slave to pmo.

Some tips that helped me cope:

  • Read nofap every morning for inspiration
  • Don’t look through fashion or celebrity magazines, or any magazine with hot airbrushed women. These sent my brain in the wrong direction.
  • Don’t browse actresses, celeb subredits etc. Too easy to slip up.
  • Keep your cell phone in another room and away from your traditional pmo locations.
  • If you’re feeling down and out of control, stay clear of your computer if it is in a private area. Rather take your laptop or tablet to a coffee shop and work there.
  • If you feel tempted, read nofap and/or get out of a private environment.

Thanks to nofap for the support and inspiration.