Day 39 – Sexual dysfunctions cured and I feel great.

It’s the glorious morning of day 39 and I feel great.

Back when I had sex regularly I wouldn’t have any problems getting it up and making it stay up. In fact I was good at sex and it made me feel good. Those things came to an end however and a lot of fapping ensued.

In the following months I brought a girl home twice. With the first one I ejaculated in two minutes and it felt bad even without her teasing me about it. (I removed her from the premises uncourteously, haven’t heard from her since lol) With the second one, a sweet girl I’m friends with, I couldn’t get it up. Now, the conscious me acknowledges that it was because one, I had fapped earlier that night, and two, because I was drunk. Nonetheless the experience was pretty devastating for my sexual health and I soon found that I needed porn to get hard.

Eventually I found a new girlfriend. But my fears were confirmed because when I got intimate with this sexy woman I couldn’t mantain an erection. Around that time I found the NoFap community (probably by googling something ED-related, hah). Now, five weeks later I’ve resumed my relationship with her, and last night we got intimate again. Not going into the details here but there was no sign of ED or PE.

This is why I donned the fapstronaut’s suit and seems like NoFap delivered. This is an exciting milestone on my journey, but the train isn’t going to stop here and I only have a one-way ticket.

We’re all going to make it!

LINK – Sexual dysfunctions cured

by Tahdonvoima