Day 60 – The view from up here

First off, I’d like to say that my previous best before I discovered NoFap was 18 days. I’ve blazed that number and I’m extremely proud of it, no less thanks to you guys. This place is awesome.

Coming to what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Porn isn’t as much the enemy as boredom or loneliness is. That’s what you should address foremost. Give yourself something to do when you’ve got nothing better to do.
  2. I feel weird saying it, but I realized I’m addicted to my computer. It’s the first thing I do in the morning, and the last before I go to bed. I actively look for stuff on the net, even when I have nothing to do. Obviously, I eventually end up in places I shouldn’t. Not sure if many of you face this problem too. I’ve realized staying away from my machine helps. I read, exercise, play video games, talk to friends when I’m free now, instead of looking for trouble online.
  3. You’re not going to be an altogether new person with 0 urges, although there are quite a few noticeable differences. You gradually start to realize that that momentary release is just not worth it. Like a lot of people have said here before, your outlook to life and people changes ever so slightly. You look at the opposite sex as real people and go beyond appearances or simply, parts of their body.
  4. If you find yourself dangerously close, go take a quick walk around your place/room. Your brain will get 4-5 seconds more to talk your penis out of it. This could be the difference between a streak and a relapse.
  5. One thing I personally need to work on is that I’m still strangely curious about watching porn, although I have a kind of control I didn’t have previously. I am tempted, but my brain knows that it’s just not worth giving up all the good work for. Basically, as strange as it sounds, I watch porn sometimes without jerking off :-S However, I can vouch for a porn-free brain being a lot more efficient. There’s SO much more you can do with life when you aren’t wasting it on porn.
  6. Keep interesting distractions from porn, handy. For me, I quickly switch to some really funny channels I’m subscribed to on YouTube, every time I’m close. The urge passes quickly once I’m a couple of laughs down.
  7. For whatever it’s worth, NoFap is an achievement. Failure leads to lowered self worth while ongoing success increases self worth. By keeping up the promise you’ve made to yourself, you respect yourself more. And when you respect yourself more, people can see it, and THEY respect you more.

TLDR – Stay strong. Don’t pull the handbrake even if you really want to. You’ll be proud of yourself.

Day 60 – The view from up here

by pszki