Day 77 – Severe ED cured, Use to have low confidence & depression

Day 77! I am writing this because something unbelievable has happened. I am on a libido high that I have never experienced before. I’d like to give a few words of motivation to the people of this subreddit. If you are feeling down, feel like quitting, or just hesitant to start…READ THIS!

My Story

I am young, healthy and active in sports and have been all my life. During the last few years I have noticed a change south of the border. It was becoming harder and harder to obtain and sustain an erection. I was in my early 20’s and I was experiencing ED. One of the worst experiences any young man can be exposed to. This led to a severe confidence drop, especially with women.

I wasn’t even aware that I had a problem. But when I look back at it now, porn became a regular part of life that I simply overlooked. It became a routine. I would often go out at night, drink, flirt with women and go back home for some PMO. And often times, the P wouldn’t even excite me like it used to. I would have to cut out the clips that turned me on and have them on repeat. This would just lower my confidence more and I would hate myself. I would reject an offer from an attractive woman because I knew in the back of my mind that I won’t be able to perform (ED).

The only sign of hope came to me when I would be able to perform during PMO after drinking heavily. I figured it couldn’t be a physical problem but a mental one. I slowly began to reduce my MO but continued with P. Several months later I found out about NoFap. The journey began!

NoFap Journey Begins

In the last 77 days I have not MO’d or edged. I did view a picture of P online, once or twice but immediately closed the browser. I even stopped using Facebook as much as I have in the past. Guys, forget about creeping FB, it serves no purpose. About a month and a half in, more women became attractive. I used to be extremely picky. My confidence has increased and women seem to notice me more.

In the last 77 days I have had ups and downs in libido and confidence. Both of which seem directly correlated. When my mood was down but I had high libido, the recovery would be quick. When my libido was down it was hard to keep the mood up.

In the last 19 days (since day 58) my libido has been high for the most part; some exceptions at certain parts of the day. I’ve noticed that I am getting turned on by simply dancing/kissing girls. Kissing would barely turn me on in the past and dancing would do absolutely nothing for me. I even met a girl and things got very heated on the dance floor. She started putting her hands down my jeans. I decided not to sleep with her because I was unsure if I would be able to perform for PIV. I was 100% certain I could perform in getting a bj but I didn’t want to hurt the recovery process (bj’s used to do very little for me as well < – – – imagine that). < – – – I know what you’re thinking, “what an idiot” lol. When I look back now, I am glad I drew the line.

Last night I got an unexpected call from my ex. We started talking and the sound of her voice turned me on. The conversation got sexual very quickly. Once I hung up, we were texting back and forth. I had to take a cold shower (something I never do) and the night was filled with a lack of sleep due to a raging boner. It was as if someone fed me Viagra…and I was actually feeling tired and sleepy throughout the day. In the past, I would have cancelled a date if I was feeling like that. Despite the fatigue, I wanted her in my bed, naked right then and there. I was 100% certain I would be able to perform PIV (‘penis in vagina’ for people who don’t know) without a problem.

Results Up Until Now

Today I reached day 77. The last 19 days, my libido has been high, and it seems to be growing still. My confidence is at an all-time high. Even though this feels like hell, to be turned on throughout the day while trying to distract your mind from sex, I have never felt better! I don’t know if I am 100% cured, but I feel as though I am nearly there. Real sex with real girls, this is going to be a damn good summer 😀 and this journey was absolutely 100% worth it! I wish I started it earlier.

I now make direct eye contact with every attractive woman I find, and there are plenty. I make eye contact and smile in a subtle way that lets them know I find them attractive. I am making love to them with my eyes. And what is their reaction? They smile! They blush! They look at the ground/away while smirking. I am intimidating them (in a good way).

I always thought this was very creepy and I’ve always avoided doing it. At least that’s what we’ve been taught to believe. Discredit everything you’ve heard or seen in the media. Real women are beautiful and they are here to attract us. They want to be desired and they love being looked at. The best part about this NoFap journey is that it slowly removes the obscured vision that these porn glasses have placed on us all. The reality of it is that beautiful women are everywhere, and they are way better than a useless screen.

Guys, no matter how bad you feel, no matter how long this awful flatline/depression/low confidence lasts, just remember to power through it. You are all a lot stronger than you believe. You are all capable of getting through this, just don’t give up!

Good luck!


My ED started creeping slowly 2 – 3 years ago. And it has gotten significantly worse in the last year. I got to the point where I would rarely see morning wood and most parts of porn wouldn’t do anything for me. Half the time I would Fap with a limp dick. I would spend hours surfing for the model that was “hot” enough. And what was “hot” today was unattractive tomorrow.

Women that wouldn’t turn my head in the past have my full attention now. It feels amazing that there are so many more attractive women. Up until recently I would spot 1 hot bartender, I would look at her tits and think to myself, ‘come on, get hard, she is so hot, why isn’t it working…must be the alcohol’, very discouraging. Now I will spot a woman sitting at a bar, and the way she has her legs crossed, or the way she plays with her hair will grab my attention from across the room. I become a bull with one thing on my mind.

LINK – 77 Days & Almost Cured! Encouragement from Someone Who Had Severe ED, Low Confidence and Slight Depression

by iKev465