Definitely worth it. After 7 years NoFap Academy helped


I just hit my first 90 days, and the change is definitely worth it. I went through the nofap reboot academy, I can’t recommend that enough guys. I had tried reboots for about 7 years in the past, and I had never made it 90 days till now. I don’t want to make this an ad trying to get people to do the reboot academy because it costs money, but I do want to say that if you keep relapsing it isn’t because you are not strong enough, its because you do not understand enough all the parts of the process.

So instead of beating yourself up for relapsing, use that frustrated energy to learn more and just tell yourself “well, that way didn’t work, what else can I do differently that will help me go longer next time”.

Full disclosure on the 90 days, I am not doing it in hard mode. I’m married and was able to have sex with my wife on occasion during the 90 days. I also told her about my addiction at day 44. She is the most wonderful woman in the world guys, I still to this day do not understand how I got so lucky. I had mentioned to her in the past about struggling with fapping, but I had never given her all the info of exactly where I was at until day 44. She has been very supportive and I keep kicking myself for not talking to her sooner. I would have gotten to 90 days years ago with her help. I guess another example of learning more about what works.

One last thing about the reboot, I did my best to stop from edging during the process too. I caught myself edging 4 times during the reboot, and as soon as I realized what I was doing I walked away. That made it harder at first, but by about day 30 it made it much easier. Edging always seemed to undermine my determination, I would have a lot more urges the day after catching myself edging than any other time.

Oh also, the flatline is real. I went through about 2 weeks there where I wasn’t turned on at all. And then afterwards I had a TON of urges for about a week or two. I did a 30 day cold shower challenge for myself and that really helped.

Please know, if you haven’t gotten to 90 days yet, that’s just because you haven’t found out what you need to know/do to do it the right way yet. Knowledge is power, just keep learning more about the whole thing and you will get enough power to overcome.

LINK – Just hit my first 90 days, it is definitely worth it

By cjvsombrav