Delayed Ejaculation healed, plus other benefits

I’ve experienced porn issues personally and so have all my friends. I haven’t used any porn in about a year. Before that, I used it a few times a week. Were it not for my hectic schedule atthe time, I could have easily become addicted.

Luckily my problem was not ED, it was DE. I simply couldn’t reach orgasm with my girlfriend. I started getting anxiety about it and so did she. Yet when I watched porn, I could easily get off. I started feeling guilty around her. I started becoming more private. I started losing motivation.

Like others, I decided to self-diagnose myself. That’s when I discovered the data concerning porn-induced sexual dysfunctions. I spent countless hours researching the science and reading about what happened to other guys. It was plain as day. I deleted all my bookmarks and stopped watching it. Cold turkey, baby. Since getting rid of porn, the DE problem and the others went away completely. It took me about eight weeks to reboot. I told my friends about it. They looked into it and stopped and experienced tons of benefits.