Delayed ejaculation, poor sensitivty – seems cured after 65 days

Started heavy PMO when I went living on my own for my study in 2002. When I had my first sexual encounter a couple years later, I could easily get an erection. But very difficult getting an orgasm. And the sex wasn’t satisfying, even when I came. A PM-orgasm was much, much better.

In 2010 I started with getting erection problems…. Not much later the sleep disease “sleep apnea” was diagnosed by me. When my apnea was treated, my erections came back in a couple of weeks. So, it looked liked the erection problem was the result of my sleep disease (sleep disease -> bad quality of sleep -> less testosterone -> erection problems).

But my penis was still not sensitive and had still DE-problems.

I told my doctor. And I proposed a circumcision. The doctor told, that it wasn’t a good idea. Later on the internet I read on the internet that one week without an orgasm would lead to a testosterone spike. So, I tried. And it worked. I had very good sex and came easy. But that testosterone spike was gone the second day off course. So the next time I had sex, it was bad as usual. So, I also stopped my first mini-reboot. Although, I didn’t know it was a reboot.

Then I read YourBrainonPorn. My girlfriend is studying abroad, so I had a good reason to reboot for 65 days. Here my results:

-After a week girls were looking at me. I recognised. I think it’s because of girls are attracted to confidence of men. Too much porn -> your brain becomes too much sensitive of the big dopamine shots -> protect itself with not accepting al dopamine -> less dopamine means less confidence  -> less confidence radiation.
-My penis became more sensitive. I didn’t touch it with purpose.
-Not always morning wood, but some hard wood when I woke up early (5 or 6 o clock, when I went to the toilet).

Past weekend and saw my girlfriend. And my results:
-4 times sex : 4 time I could come pretty well. With 3 orgasms which were very, very good.
-1 Blow Job:  I came, which I never managed before during blow jobs.
-Used a condom all the time during sex. I had two kind condoms: One condom I used in the past, but I couldn’t use it any longer. I think my penis has been getting thicker since my reboot! The other condom (a new designed condom by Dutch scientists) I could use. was really tight.

So, I’m pretty happy. There is still room for improvement: while the orgasms were the best I ever had with intercourse and I didn’t had DE, the road to the orgasm was good, but it wasn’t as great, as during my mini-reboot (see above). It could be the result of the really tight condom. Any ideas about this?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test this time with my girlfriend without a condom.

LINK – Very good results after 65 days and question

BY – Koedam



I had ED (not able to get a strong erection), but it wasn’t PMO related.

It turned out that I had a sleeping disorder (sleep apnea). It messes with your hormones and also with your testosterone-level.

After I was cured for my sleep apnea (which is nearly always possible), I got strong erections very soon.
So check out if you are having a sleep disorder and if that doesnt work, ask a doctor to test your testosterone-level, if you don’t have apnea.

I started with a reboot, because I have still problems with DE. Sometimes I come and sometimes not. And when I come there is not much satisfaction (compared to masturbation with Porn).

I’m now on day 27  8)