ED – 1 year of struggle, but I am finally cured

I’ve been abstaining from PMO on and off for a year now. I was in a long relationship previously (almost five years) and it was my first experience with sex. Unfortunately, I became addicted to PMO about a year in. I didn’t realize it at first, but it began to slowly affect my relationship.

My libido began to vanish when my girlfriend was over, and I didn’t enjoy sex. I started to have trouble maintaining an erection unless I abstained from masturbation for at least 6 days (and still had trouble even then). When I kept it up, I would never orgasm (it didn’t help that I wore condoms every time we had sex, reducing sensation further). I would begin to feel eager for her to leave, so that I could watch porn and feel the release I did not get from her (because of my addiction).

Eventually, things fell apart on many levels, but our waning sex life was a large part of it. I was heartbroken by this and resolved to improve myself in every area of my life, including sexual appetite and prowess. I searched the internet and discovered NoFap and YourBrainOnPorn. I recognized that my symptoms matched and resolved to cut out porn. I stuck with it stalwartly for two months with no relapses, but began to get discouraged and depressed due to loneliness. I messed up and PMO’d twice in a week, once the night before I (unknowingly) would have a sexual encounter with a friend. On this night, I could not keep an erection.

I was extremely depressed by this and wondered if NoFap might not work (I rationalized that two nights of PMO after two months wouldn’t hurt me this much). I started taking supplements and vitamins that were marketed towards low libido/testosterone/sex drive. I went to a doctor to get a physical check-up to ensure it was nothing physiological (of course it was psychological). I had a dry spell of almost a year and had many relapses during.

However, about three months ago, I had a true resolve to stop after flirting with an acquaintance at a party we both attended. I realized just how quickly things can happen, and I wanted to be ready. About a month after that, I started dating this girl, and soon after, we had sex. I had no issues whatsoever! We have sex on a very regular basis (more than twice a week sometimes) and I have no issue keeping a strong erection as well as finishing at an appropriate time (no premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation).

I have learned that this does work. Porn is no substitute for the real thing. If you are struggling with porn, take a step towards controlling your body and your mind today. The results are fantastic. I am so glad I encountered this community and I have benefited greatly from the stories and testimonies I’ve read.

LINK – Seemingly cured

by drunkenpheasants