ED – 11 months to have sex. 16 months and I am still improving.

Back in June 2012 I couldn’t even get it up for porn. In this time I fall in love with my beautiful now-girlfriend. After noticing that I couldn’t get it up for her I got depressions and also thought about suicide. Can’t having sex with the girl I love was one of the hardest things i was confronted with in my life. Especially when she wants it so much.

After 11 months of rebooting I was finally ready to have sex. It was an amazing feeling and the depressions disappeared. Thank God that she was by my side these 11 terrible months.

Now things get better and better and my libido gets stronger every time I meet her. Finally she had an orgasm last week. What’s the most success for me and furthermore I can have sex 3 times in a row now. I’m definitely not completely healed yet but I can feel the improvement. The longer I stay away from porn my brain alters back to the real deal. I have seen a lot of improvements after the 11 months when I started to have sex again and I still see improvements every time after having sex with her so I think rewiring is very important.

So don’t give up hope! For me it took 11 months, and now after 16 months, I am still not completely cured. 6 years of internet high speed porn needs some years to heal I think.

 I want to keep this short! Writing a success story is my way to thank Gary Wilson and everybody in this forum and all the other successful guys that gave me hope in the past.

Nevertheless there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you have questions u can text me. Sorry for my bad English.


LINK – Time to write a succes-story!!