ED – 5 months to Rock Hard Erections.

When I first started Nofap I read an amazing success story about how rock hard a guy was and quick his penis got hard. I wanted that so bad. So I took up nofap, for no-one else but myself.

Well I’ve certainly had my ups and downs in the last 5 months, but I can finally say the following:

  • I get erect simply from kissing my GF.
  • My erection is rock hard. I mean a fucking rhino’s horn. I love it, she loves it.

This is to all the day 1’s out there with ED. I had ED, it sucks. Don’t watch porn. Don’t fap and you will get rock hard erections simply by kissing.

To quote the brilliant gif on the front page  ‘You are flawless and I love you’

Nofap, you have changed my life.

Nice one.

LINK – 5 months. Rock Hard Erections.

by fearandloathing89


UPDATE – What is happening? 291 days and things turn sour.

Hey guys,

Thanks for dropping by, I honestly didn’t know what to do today, I really need some kind words or encouragement.

I have had a gf and had amazing sex on and off for 8 months. The past two weeks at work have been awful and stressful, and I have had this all pervading sense of doom and anxiety.

So we had sex on friday evening and I was slow to get an erection, but we got there. Then last night It took my 15 minutes to get one, then eventually we had sex.

This has knocked me sideways. I have been used to getting rock hard erections just by gazing into her eyes and kissing her. I love her so much. I have explained what I think is going on and she is trying to understand, but is amazingly supportive.

But I have no libido, no physical attraction to anything. I feel asexual. I’m scared and alone nofap.

My foundations and security have been completely rocked.

This is my darkest hour yet



469 days to 1. What happened and why I’m better off.

So, there I am in the bathroom with my phone out, (I mean a man’s gotta read something while he’s on the jon right?)


I’ve finished my daily motions and have finished looking at my usual internet routine (this seems like a problem in itself) and I see what else I can look at…


I’m bored, tired, horny as hell and end up on some magazine site, and a picture of a hot girl jumps out. I do NOT close the phone up.


Before I know it I’m edging and after two tugs I EXPLODE!!

So you know, I have a gf, have mind blowing sex, but we have had a three week dry spell, and the combination of being tired, phone in the wrong place and horny all just came together at the wrong time.

I have reset my badge, 469 days down the toilet, tissue and all.

Well let me tell you fellow fapstronauts, this journey has been AMAZING. I have cured ed, de and even pe!

I am more sensitive, thoughtful, witty, courageous than ever, I am the best version of myself.

This has been my first run of nofap, and I’m very happy with 469 days, but the last 100 I’m sure my mental barriers were slipping, and I have even edged in that time foolishly. Simply put, nofap wasn’t a challenge, I was in decline.

My goal was to break ED and to break the awful PMO daily cycle, which dominated my life. I have done it!

However, this next run will be even greater than before. I will reduce fondling my junk, refocus my nofap efforts and double my will power.

My greatest weapon, if anyone is interested, has been meditation and the power of mindfulness, Google it, check out anything by thich nhat hanh.

I’m better off with a smiley face, because it knows how far I have come. Where that smile once frustrated me, its congratulates me.

Everybody slips up, get up, dust yourself off and keep on walking. Nofap has changed my life. May it change yours