ED – A wife’s report: Successful sex several times this week

So hub [husband] is going on 4 months no porn, no masturbation, .. We’ve had sex through out this quite a bit, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. But this past week it seems like things are different. We’ve really reconnected thru all this, and this past week have had sex successfully several times!!

I’m quite sure he’s going to stick with this, as we’ve both been frustrated with PIED for many years. He always felt like less of a man BC his dick wouldn’t work. So now he knows why.

Unfortunately everything we seem to watch is over sexualized. My god we were watching Tosh.o which is usually hilarious, but that particular night he did a full blown porn skit.  Even survivor this year with their beauty tribe, big boobs, tiny swimsuit, using her sexuality. Ugh its freakin everywhere!

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by nevergoodenough


ORGINAL POST – Janurary 31, 2014

Re: Shocked, angry, sad, but relieved

Just reading the first part of your post and i so relate. I just found out my husband of nearly 14 years has been addicted to porn for years.  I’m still reeling in my head, and have so many different emotions I don’t know how to talk about it yet.  We love each other deeply, and I actually feel like I love him even more now, I guess because he’s admitted it.  I always knew something was wrong, but I bought into it must be me.  I made excuses.  I thought I was CRAZY!  I so get that feeling you are talking about.

I’m scared to talk about it.  I am already convinced it’s my fault.  I got very sick with a chronic illness which has affected every part of my body, including hormones.  I didn’t want sex a lot 10 years ago, I had just had our two kids, my body was changing, and now I was dealing with a mystery illness.  So he turned to porn.  Fast forward a few years, I start feeling better (and btw i didn’t “cut him off” we still had sex, just not alot), start feeling better and I want sex all the time.  and I’m certainly not shy in the bedroom with him, or the bathroom, or living room, or basement… if you get what I mean… we seemed to have a great sex life then.  He was 35ish and started having ed problems, we both started taking supplents from adult stores, stupid me, I bought into it all, thinking that it was somehow normal and ok to have to be taking pills to have sex!    It got to the point where he could hardly get an erection at all, and the minute I’d touch him or he’d try to have sex with me, he’d loose what little he had.  Of course this played all kinds of havoc on both our brains.

Of course that’s going to happen when you’re practically getting sex every night, sometimes multiple times, and you’re still going and jerking it to your computer.  It hurts so much, I don’t understand, I can’t believe how crushed I am, I thought I was over reacting, and I start researching, and I see all these stories, and I just read them and sit here and cry, I just want to reach out to all these wives and girlfriends, I know what they are feeling, and it SUCKS!

I know I’m far from perfect, and I know nobody is, and I know he is hurting.  I’m just hurting so deep right now, I’m so confused, I just don’t know.