ED – After recovering for 8 months I have finally been able to have sex consistently

I have been waiting for a while to write this post and now I can. After recovering for 8 months I have finally been able to have sex consistently without any erection problems.

Thanks everyone for their help, advice and encouragement. Thanks Gabe and Gary for all your hard work to help us.

I began having sex at 14 and didn’t watch porn until I was 19 BUT my recovery took a while due to a few things. Upon the beginning of recovery I only shunned porn but didn’t shun sexual images and fantasies. This really slowed me down. Here are some tips to get you through your recovery. This is what worked for me. Sorry if I make any English mistakes

-Rewire as SOON and as OFTEN as you can (This helped me so much. So much!) (message me for any advice on finding girls to rewire with. I became quite proficient at this)

-Do not think about the people you are rewiring to as objects to help rewire. Enjoy your experiences with them as human beings

-Try your hardest NOT to think about sex or sexy images or sexy anything (This is hard at first but don’t worry, it becomes easier)

-Try to avoid looking at images of girls in bikinis, etc. Stay away from fake sexuality of all kinds

-Socialize when you can, take up new activities (This will keep your mind off sex)

-Eat healthy, be healthy, exercise (This helps combat depression throughout your recovery and boosts self esteem. The higher your self esteem, the lower the chance of relapse)

Feel free to message me for any advice or anything at all. I’d love to help anyone I can.

This recovery is certainly not linear. I had moments at all stages of recovery where I felt recovered and then it would be followed by a period where I felt so far from recovered. From what I have read this is normal. Don’t let it get you down. Please hang in there fellas, even if you cannot yet see it, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are all in this together. We can all beat this, we all hold the keys to our prison cells. Good luck to everyone.

Recovered. Here is my advice

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