ED, anxiety & loss of libido. Now: Sex is great and I am super-confident with women

It’s been 5 months now since I have watched any porn. I am getting very healthy erections even just from kissing women and it’s great. I regularly chat up women on the street (daygame) and have become a lot more confident with the opposite sex.

And when I kiss women its amazing.  I have been really focusing on improving my daygame for the last 8 months. This is where you meet and flirt with women you randomly see on the street. I just go up to any woman I find attractive and say, ¨Hi this is spontaneous but you are very…(and I tell her what I think of her)!¨

Three weeks ago I met a beautiful Peruvian girl, we had a date. I found her very sexy especially her lips, so I told her, ¨You have very sexy lips, I want to taste them.¨ We maintained eye contact, then she leaned closer and we started making out. She was very horny and was going crazy french kissing me. I asked if she wanted to come to my apartment and she said yes. So we went there.

I felt so horny, and kissing her body was so enjoyable. It was a great experience. And the sex was also great. I didnt have any erectile probs at all.

Then last weekend I met a gorgeous Brazilian woman. She has very sexy legs and a pretty face so I told her this. I suggested we go to a bar for a drink and she agreed. She was on holiday in the city I live in. We agreed to meet the next night and went to a club. We started making out all night. Her kiss was so sensual, feeling her tongue deep inside me.

Then last night I met another Brazilian woman. She was very pretty and like the last one also had nice legs! :) So I told her so. We chatted for a while. Previously I would have been lost for words but now I have become a pretty decent conversationalist. Mostly because I now feel confident and relaxed chatting to women. We went to a bar. I told her I found her attractive in a slow sexy tone, with sustained gentle eye contact. And that I liked her lips. But that they would look better if she licked them. She licked them and then we started making out.

I am on a journey to becoming good with women and its all from being honest with them and telling them how I feel in a confident and calm way. Its great being able to connect with women like this. And from giving up the porn the kisses are so much more sensual. Today the Brazilian even told me I was a great kisser. I really cherish the moment our lips touch and go very slow so I can really exprience it.

I also used to suffer terribly from anxiety and thought that beautiful women were just out of my league. Its great having my confidence back and feeling like I am worthy for beautiful women and then actually having beautiful women in my life!

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BY – bigdaddy