ED & brain fog cured, Social anxiety almost gone, Increased motivation & energy

So I finally made it 90 days. I wanted to to weigh in on my experience. This is absolutely worth it and completely changed my life! I’ve been attempting this for 2.5 years.

Background –  My previous furthest streak was 62 days (twice), but this was by far one of the hardest challenges of my life so far. I used to PMO a lot and I needed extreme material to get off. I started with pictures, which upped to regular videos, which upped to extreme porn. I never watched normal porn anymore. I had symptoms of extreme social anxiety, extreme brain fog, erectile dysfunction, burning eyes, fatigue. I basically hated anything that required social interaction.


  • Brain fog cured. Absolutely no brain fog anymore.
  • Social anxiety was almost cured. It still exists but barely. I push myself to talk to strangers now which has also helped a ton.
  • Erectile dysfunction cured.
  • Heavy motivation. I hated my job but was content with it. During this 90 day streak I quit my job and got a scholarship to grad school based on pure motivation and effort.
  • No more burning eyes.
  • Almost no more fatigue *I feel more testosterone, I can give more effort in the gym.
  • I just feel the urge to talk to girls now instead of watch porn, and as a result I’ve had success.

Sex – Had sex with two girls during this 90 day streak. The first one was around the 21 day mark with absolutely no erectile dysfunction. The 2nd one was around the 80 day mark with no erectile dysfunction.

Wet Dreams – I had probably three or four. At first these seemed to set me back a week or two and some symptoms return, but now they only bring back my brain fog for about a day and a half and then I feel great again.

Flatline – I had a few flatlines. Some were in the first few weeks and some of them were as far out as 70 days. During these flatlines I just felt tired and unmotivated and didn’t give a shit about what anybody else thought of me. I felt drained.

Erectile Dysfunction Before NoFap I had decent amount of ED. I really struggled with condoms and basically could never use them, and even without them I often wasn’t able to achieve an erection or lost it halfway through if I did get one. NoFap definitely helps with this. I was able to have sex once standing up in the shower which is something I would never be able to do before NoFap. I’ve even been able to use a condom without losing my erection since going through NoFap. During your recovery it may seem like your penis is dead, but trust me, it will revive itself the first time you have sex with someone you are attracted to after a few weeks of NoFap :D. I also get morning wood now sometimes and I never used to get this.

Future I plan on not fapping from here on out. I only want to achieve O through sex and wet dreams. I honestly don’t think fapping is the cause of our problem, I think porn is definitely the cause, but I figure the longer I can avoid fapping the faster I can recover my brain. Sex with girls is also way better than sex with yourself.


  1. Install K9 is a must
  2. When I had wet dreams and sex early on in the process it felt like a set back (all of my symptoms returned), but now the brain fog and anxiety only return for about a day and a half then go away. So if you notice your symptoms returning after orgasm then just continue to push through the challenge cause it gets much better!
  3. Stay busy
  4. Work out
  5. If you look at 1 porn picture, there is a high chance of a relapse. One leads to another which spirals into a relapse. Not even one!
  6. Hangover days are tougher. Your body craves dopamine so you really need to try hard on those days.
  7. Caffeine really triggered my anxiety early on in my reboot but now it doesn’t cause me any anxiety.
  8. Continue to use your motivation to push yourself to set goals in all aspects of your life.

Good luck to all you awesome NoFappers. If I can do this, then you definitely can. Let me know if you have any questions about anything.

TL;DR – Do the 90 challenge. It will save your life.

THREAD – 90 days. You need to do this.

by The_Coolest_Guy



Don’t ever give up. NoFap is life changing.

Hey guys, I haven’t been on this forum in a while, but I wanted to come back to try to inspire some more of you and let you know not to give up! I used to be very addicted to fapping and had all the symptoms: * Hardcore Brain Fog * Serious Social Anxiety * ED

That’s just the beginning.

I went on about a 110 day streak of NoFap, which has forever changed me. After that streak I have gone back to fapping once a week and I don’t get any symptoms anymore (except for a slight hangover feeling 1-2 days after fapping), and it has seriously changed my life. I have more self confidence than I’ve ever had in my life. I had sex with 8 girls in the last year with no ED (only had sex with 7 in my life before that). Now that I’ve completed NoFap I have so much confidence I don’t care if I get rejected because I don’t care what others think, only myself, and girls can sense this. I have a 4.0, I got a scholarship and I’ve been dominating in rugby (most trys on my team) and I quit my old job that I hated. All of this has happened since I did NoFap.

Just for reference, before NoFap I was an anxiety-riddled guy with no self confidence, the inability to think due to brain fog (I couldn’t even read books it was so bad), weak erections, and no direction in life.

I know it is hard to do this challenge, and that is a huge understatement. It took me almost a hundred tries, but don’t give up, you will eventually get there and it is life changing.

Let me know if you have any questions or have any tips, I’d be willing to help anyone others out.

Good luck with the challenge, I know how horrible it is to deal with the NOFAP symptoms, and I used to think I would never be cured, but I assure you, you can get over them.