ED cured – 100 days: Last night was the best sex I’ve ever had

Day 100. I haven’t been actively counting since day 45, but it was a nice coincidence that yesterday was the day I got to spend the night with a beautiful lady. Although nerves made it a haltering start, I can now confidently say that my ED has gone away.

The first round went off quickly, but I was ready to go again 15 minutes later. And it was the best sex I’ve ever had. I didn’t constantly think of recently viewed porn scenes, I was just in the moment, enjoying the shared intimacy.

I think I’ve been lucky. I found it easy to stop watching porn initially, and these months have gone by quickly with great changes in confidence. I’ve been working out a lot, and have lost about 10kg of fat and gained some lean muscle mass. But I’ve used this community actively, reading at least one post per day.

I want to thank all of you for doing this. For being here. You are the reason I figured out my problem, and you have helped me keep up my motivation to see it through. But I think it’s time to unsubscribe. I’ll keep my badge, and I’ll stop by from time to time, but I don’t need to have this constantly popping up on my front page. I’ve made it a lifestyle, it’s no longer a struggle.

LINK Thank you for being here. I’m unsubscribing for now

by zeViking


EARLIER POST – I’m still in shock

I cannot believe I didn’t realize this sooner, and that this phenomenon isn’t better known. I’ve had the symptoms for years, but I never realized the cause. After getting a disastrous ED on a date with a girl I really like, I started googling. Saw the ted-talk, and my jaw dropped. That was me! I wanted to scream! It feels like I’ve been throwing my youthful years down the toilet.. I’ve ruined many potential relationships, and if porn has caused some of the confidence issues and asocial behavior, then that’s the final straw. This ends now! I’m committing to this, porn will rule me no longer!

I’ve started a journal, because it helps me gather my thoughts, and it will likely be good to reread when motivation is low, to see how low I was before starting. I hope I can also draw some inspiration from this community. Let’s do this!