ED cured, ADD & social anxiety much better – but I returned to PMO

(Trying my best English) – OK not completely cured, but [quitting] really helped me concentrate better and have a lot better focus. Before starting nofap I had problems with social anxiety and having conversations with people. Every time I had a conversation i couldn’t stay focused and i would drift off and get very nervous.

Also i sat a lot at home and i would only go out if friends call me, I never took the first step to be outgoing or something. I had problems at work I always was nervous about failing and I was always scared of letting people down. I would always get drunk when i could because that calms me down.

I DID A STREAK OF 130 DAYS OF NOFAP: After like 1 month or so i began to gain confidence and I was full of life! I felt so great I was really successful at work and when i spoke to people i wasn’t nervous anymore and I could follow every conversation. Studying is not so difficult anymore. I was CALM and i could THINK STRAIGHT. Girls noticed me a lot more and they really liked me a lot more ( had sex with a couple girls between day 105 and 120! damnn). (also cured from ED)

Fail on day 130…… I looked at porn again… really stupid I thought it couldn’t hurt but it did. 5 weeks of fapping and I was getting really frustrated, short fused. I couldn’t concentrate and my social anxiety came back and i was getting nervous at work. Couldn’t perform as good as I did then doing nofap…

Now almost a week on nofap again and i feel everything turning positive again. So weird how nofap affects me, it seems a bit logical because PMO is dopamine thing and add has to do a lot with dopamine too. I really learned a lot about my journey of nofap the last couple of months and i am determined to do nofap my entire life. I have to do this for myself

LINK – I TRULY believe that nofap cured my ADD concentration/focus disorder

BY – Ricksen