ED cured – I feel like a teenager. I’m much more active and having an amazing sex life

Goal was 90 days and I feel great about making it. I started seeing significant benefits a while ago and now I feel like a teenager. I’m much more active and having an amazing sex life – no more PIED and lasting a long time

I’m happy, my girlfriend is happy – all good.

I’m glad that I found reddit and this subreddit as I’m much better for it. Anyway, I know it’s a journey but I feel good about getting to this milepost.

THREAD – 90 Days

by reeder99



Owe it to my girlfriend

I’ve watched porn and fapped since I was 12 or 13.

Fast forward, had a great girlfriend but had trouble with sex because I was always fapping and watching porn. Needless to say, she thought that I wasn’t that into her so we broke up.

Met a new girl and initially had the same issue but i would abstain for a couple of days before seeing her and that lead to great sex. This went on until last week. I was fapping to porn everyday and saw her over Thanksgiving and couldn’t maintain an erection. The thing is, I wasn’t expecting to have alone time with her so I didn’t abstain – I know it’s an excuse.

She’s a great girl and deserves better. I know that if I stay away from fapping and porn, my problem goes away. I just need to make that commitment. I’ve been good since Friday and will see her again this weekend- that will only be 7 days but hope that I don’t have any performance problems.



It’s been 6 months, past the tracking and checking the board regularly

Started with ED several years ago. Took Viagra and Cialis occasionally since then but they didn’t work consistently.

Now it’s 6 months with nofap and no more ED or meds to help me out. Very happy with this, girlfriend is also happy.

While nofap may not work for everyone, I don’t understand why it’s not more widely discussed.

I don’t have any super powers but I spend a lot more time doing things that I enjoy, have a much better quality of life and seem to be happier. I know it’s a journey but quote happy to have made it successfully to this checkpoint.