ED cured – If I did I’m sure you guys can too.

I have been pretty much been jacking it since 13, had my first orgasms ever jerking to porn. As years went on my jerking habits got progressively worse i eventually could not keep an erection unless i was looking at the computer screen. I thought nothing of it and kept at it.

Eventually i started not being able to sustain a erection with a woman. There was one point in time were i had a heavenly blessed beauty in bed..i mean she was stacked. And shockingly i could not keep an erection. So after that i thought maybe it was just a bad time so i blew it off.                                                                                                

So again pretty much the same situation had a beautiful girl in bed and this time i could not get an erection at all. So then i got scared and started googling like crazy and i seen a video but some dude named Gabe on YouTube. I watched it and my mind was blown into smithereens. I went straight to yourbrainonporn.com and started reading every story i could. I found out a lot of men had very similar experiences to me. So i instantly stopped fapping and watching porn..so i thought. the first few weeks were the hardest, i got depressed and my dick shrunk and felt like it was dead for weeks.

I got to day 30 and i though maybe a lil porn wont hurt i mean I’m not gonna masturbate so it wont hurt. So i continued watching porn but did not masturbate to it. And i did see progress as i went on. I made it to almost four months without masturbating to porn. a day before my forth month i just had to have a release, just one..when i masturbated it felt amazing..and i probably jerked it 5 times that day and binged probably for like 3 weeks. After my binge was finished i was depressed and disappointed in myself. I had started thinking if i didn’t fix this now i would never be able to please a woman..and that was the best motivation for me and it made it really easy for me.

So i started again and this time i would not watch porn or masturbate it was easier is time around because of the previous 4 month stint. I made 30 days really easy and started to feel good.i started dating a few women shortly after…and i could get hard but not as hard as i desired too and on top of that I had PE!!!! I would cum within 2.2 seconds. And that was very annoying i mean it felt amazing when i came and i could actually wear condoms and enjoy it, i just came too fast and wasn’t as hard as id like to be.i kept having sex and little by little i made improvements, well my erections did anyway i still had PE.

Last week, i had sex, mind you i was drunk and i lasted a long fucking time. They helped with my confidence but I was drunk so I’m thinking its just the alcohol.  I’m like whatever it was just the alcohol, but earlier today me and my girl had a session and i mind blown i could stay hard pretty much as long as i wanted without alcohol!!!!  I’m very relieved because this is the result I’ve wanted. I don’t even crave porn anymore. And if i do i can fight it very easily. This will work if you do it right in was skeptical at first but I’m 100% believer now. I will never watch porn again its not worth it. If i did I’m sure you guys can too.

Id like to thank Gabe, and Gary for creating yourbrainonporn really has helped me immensely.

If i have any misspellings or errors forgive me I’m just excited.

LINK – Success after 4 months no pmo

BY – AnxietyTrain