ED cured. My emotions are way stronger. Girls are more beautiful

Just wanted to share my experience with 90 days of no fap, hoping this might encourage some of you guys.

What changed:

  • I lost my ED, erections tend to be rock hard now.
  • When I’m touching a beautiful girl I get a strong energizing feeling in my whole body, something I didn’t experience prior to nofap. Girls seem to be more beautiful in general.
  • Lost my virginity around day 85
  • My emotions are way stronger now. Happiness as well as sadness.
  • I am currently on a 2 months trip in Asia, without nofap I wouldn’t have had the courage to do so.
  • I have no zero nada niente desire to watch porn…

Sooo I can only encourage you to give nofap a try or keep going! It’s worth it.

LINK 90 day report

by BadCopWithDonut