ED & DE – I only gave up PMO a little over a month ago. It wasn’t a huge struggle

To any guys struggling with ED or DE. Take your time. I only gave up porn and masturbation a little over a month ago. It wasn’t a huge struggle at any given point.

I was fortunate enough to find a girl a few weeks in and am now in the early phases of a new relationship. Even though I talked to her about porn addiction and told her that I was a little bit anxious about having sex and she was super cool about it. I already saw that it was creating conflict that I was apprehensive about having sex with her. I just wasn’t ready, and I was feeling pressured into it, and that turned out to be a real boner killer. I told her to be patient and that everything would be in working order sooner or later. Honestly I wasn’t sure if that was going to be true because I was so self conscious. But after last night I can tell you that this problem is cured, and for the first time I believe I’m confident about sex.

The key wasn’t even quitting porn really, although that was a huge help and a huge confidence booster, but developing trust with her and taking the initiative myself to have sex when I was ready. I really had my doubts that I would ever get over my sexual hangups and thought it would take me too long with this girl and that I would lose her. In reality, I was being a bit over-dramatic.

So to my compatriots having similar doubts and struggles…don’t. Just kick back, relax and proceed whenever YOU feel ready. There’s no rush.

LINK – I just had successful sexual intercourse with my girlfriend to completion….don’t mean to brag.

by LFdude