ED, derealization symptoms – 30 day report.

My story after 30 days

I never thought or imagined that I would be posting this on a forum for people addicted to porn. However after finding ybop a few months ago and successfully completing a 30 day no PMO I can finally say I found the solution to my problem. It all started about 4 years ago after I ended a toxic relationship and began the use of heavy porn and MO. One day it just started happening, my erections were weaker and no matter how much I escalated porn use I really was unable to achieve anything more than an 80% erection. It left me depressed as fuck and I thought that it was just a phase and blamed it on anything really.

Also for the past 4 years I’ve suffered from derealization brought on from anxiety/depression, which in case people don’t know is the feeling of constantly living in a dream/unreality/severe brain fog. But after the first two weeks of no PMO I felt like a huge portion of this veil of unreality was lifted and I felt more in tune with myself and my environment.

Il be going into my 3rd year of college and I’ve attempted sex with real females over 20 times with only 2 or 3 being successful. Most of the time I either blamed it on alcohol or nerves. But after this 30 day reboot I can wholeheartedly say that was a complete bullshit lie I told myself. I finally went to test myself with MO today using a fleshlight and I had the hardest erection and most intense orgasm I’ve probably had since I hit puberty, Didn’t last more than 15 strokes but that’s expected.

This result is very encouraging, I will continue to completely block Porn from my life for as long as I possible and I plan on trying to go another month without MO. Will keep this updated for anyone who cares.

Also I feel like the past 4 years of my life were totally wasted as far as relationships are concerned because PMO left me objectively attracted to women with no real emotional attachment. Its pretty eye opening to me now that women were just another tool in the box to me before this reboot. I think that view is drastically changing now, thank god

by fratty