ED – erections are much stronger; huge confidence boost

I tried to reach 90 days without PMO 2 times before and failed miserably. Then I figured that you can rewire your brain easier if you go hard mode or even monk mode. The key is to divert your attention, change your focus to something else, some kind of activity whenever you start thinking about porn, sex, girls or when you consider relapsing.

I also started exercising 3 times a week, and do cardio everyday. All that stored energy goes to improving my health and building muscles. Also when I had very strong urges I tried to…fall asleep. It works.

Good luck guys!

edit: Thank you guys for replies.

Here are some benefits that I’ve gained so far. Some of you may find them interesting.

Huge confidence boost:

I’m not a muscular guy yet, but I’m sure I will be jacked in about 1-2 years (if I don’t stop my routine). I hit the gym 3 times a week, take daily supplements (creatine, omega3, multivitamins, D3 etc) I’m also a lurker on /r/fitness.

I’ve had high blood pressure for a long time, but now I can say that my health is improving. I also started eating healthy – no more alcohol, soda, salty and fatty food. I eat lots of veggies, fruit etc.

So my whole lifestyle is changing very rapidly, my overall health is improving and it’s not a placebo, I do feel more energetic and healthier.

Endurance: When I just started running all I could do was just running for about 5-6 mins. But now I run for about an hour every day or every other day (2 x 30 mins sessions). I need this to beat high blood pressure.

Erections: Definitely stronger. I’ve struggled with PIED for a long time. And NoFap challenge was one of the main motivations to beat PIED. I’m doing “monk mode” so I try not think about sex at all or anything that can lead to thinking about sex, so I haven’t tested my erection, but I’m sure it’s way stronger than before. So to me the progress is obvious and it’s motivating me to continue NoFap.

It’s been easy for me so far because I really quit PMO. Cold turkey. I mean I promised myself that the only way I can orgasm would be through a real sex with a real women, not PMO.

It’s easy if you decide to quit for real with no bullshit or excuses.