ED – From suicidal to the top of the world

Started June, 2014 and promised to write only when I confirmrf the cure. My first true sexual experience was on my wedding night for both myself and my partner. Before that i was only making out. Needless to say complete failure first 5 attempts (2 weeks!!).

Couldn’t believe what is happening as I have been always thinking i will be a sex machine. Due to overseas business I had to be away for few months. While I am googling about this issue, mainly typing these keywords ( sex not pleasurable, why porn feels better,…etc) I found my savior. This forum and the others. All of this made the perfect sense. Yes I was a  pmo master but on bed with real women was the complete opposite.

Without thinking too much I  stopped pmo completely, entered in dreadful flateline. I was away from wife thanks god at the time as i was very depressed and for some time i was very suicidal.

After 6 months in and out of shortening flatelines and 6 wet dreams, I met my wife again.  It has been nearly one month now and without any exaggeration we have done it 23 times and the last 7 -10 times was extremely wild.

What helped me:

  1. know about problem and read success stories. Don’t spend much time though especially reading depressive posts.
  2. complete pmo free. It is easy when you know it is the reason for your failure.
  3. resist flateline depression and negative thoughts. Believe me it passes eventually and it is part of your healing
  4. add healthy changes to your diet ( e.g.  no caffeine, no refined sugar, less fats, more protein )
  5. exercise, running and weights
  6. vitamin D, B complex and zinc
  7. wet dreams is a sign of recovery even if it sends you back to flateline. However not necessary to happen  to everyone.
  8. 5-6 months pmo free is good and when u introduce sex again first few times are not very good but believe me it improves greatly with time.
  9. No Viagra or similar products. Doesn’t work with pied

At the end I thanks everyone who contributed here with positive thoughts which gave me hope on times I was at the bottom

LINK – From suicidal to the top of the world

BY – survival2014