ED – I finally made it to the other side, and one second of madness, destroyed everything.

This is a message to all, from a former member. who in a moment of curiosity destroyed what took over 9 months to create. When you recover, in between then and having a normal balanced healthy life style, your brain will go through many changes. And remember through all of this. it is NOT I repeat NOT worth going back to porn, if you are having the lowest days of your life. it should not, and will not make a difference to where you want to be, we have the intelligence to learn from other peoples mistakes. So please learn from mine.

I went from having amazing healthy sex, to not so good sex, after just a few sessions of pmo. after 9 months of going through the hardest period. I finally made it through to the other side, and in one second of absolute madness, destroyed everything.

My message to every one is to not test your self, i watched porn and was immune to it, it didn’t really do anything for me. and then i had a craving to do it again, and it all fell down. You have to remember that this is stopping you from being the absolute best person you can be, and i was, and will be again. Do not test yourself. if you think what its like after, just accept that from this point, right now your reading this. You promise yourself deep down in your stomach, that you will never watch porn again, and be happy about it. accept it and make peace.

LINK – The dangerously slippery slope.

by nevergivein