ED is 100% gone, morning wood is back – 112 days

I started NoFap because after one night with my girl friend I noticed some serious PIED. I had noticed it before but thought it was due to being tired, or drinking too much or some other reason. This time it was none of those things and it freaked me out.

When I started NoFap due to my schedule and my GF’s, we could only see each other every other weekend.. so this was kind of like a modified hard mode.

The first time I slept with her after starting I didn’t last that long but I was noticed a definite improvement in my erections.

I don’t know if this is in my head or not, but I had increased confidence while playing sports. I felt more aggressive and energetic.

I did feel more confident in general.. not exactly sure if it was because I have read stories of this happening or because it was actually happening.. either way it was good.

Now, after 112 days, the single biggest thing I have noticed is that the PIED is completely, 100% gone. I get rock hard erections immediately when I need to.

I have “morning wood” almost every day.

I can now last as long as I did before I started nofap.

I even get erections just thinking about my gf… or if she texts me something kind of flirty… I can hardly control it. And I mean that in a good way.

I still think about Porn every now and then but I honestly don’t have any desire or urge to go watch it.

So.. these are my thoughts and observations so far.. feel free to ask me anything else.

LINK – 112 day report (completely missed 90 days)

by adrian_i