ED is cured – wife is happy & thankful, I’m much more confident and live fearlessly

NoFap has given me a life without porn and masturbation I could have never imagined for myself.

  1. I’m much more confident. And I just like myself now.
  2. Sex with my wife is not only better, it’s completely different. More intimate, more emotional, and yes, hotter.
  3. NoFap gives me something to point to when i don’t feel confident, when I don’t feel great about myself. It’s evidence of awesomeness.
  4. I have waaaaay more time now.
  5. I don’t feel ashamed all the time anymore.
  6. I’m getting attention a lot more. And I don’t even want it. Single peeps take note.
  7. I can see discipline in life is how winning is done. And if I can be disciplined enough to do NoFap, a discipline that bewilders and intimidates really disciplined people, than i can be disciplined in other areas as well.
  8. No more hiding, no more crutches. I had a moment during finals week where I was so stressed because of projects that were due. before noFap i would have given in and masturbated to relieve the stress, but I made a choice to redouble my efforts to finish my projects. I think it’s in that moment where I see the most change. Pushing forward instead of retreating.

I think that’s what NoFap is in it’s simplest form. For me it’s the end of hiding. It’s the end of reducing the world down into unrealistic sexual terms, and being brave enough to experience life for what it is. NoFap’s the best thing I’ve done this year. And I’m not done with it. It’s who I am now, and I’m going to continue.

LINK – 90 days, 9 lessons

by VivereIntrepidus



I made it. 1 year.

Thank you! Thank you, everybody! NoFap was the best thing I’ve done the past year. Thanks to everyone here for showing me I’m an addict, but that I can change.

I can’t believe:

  • I don’t remember what it felt like to fap. I was a three times a day.
  • how fearlessly I’ve lived this past year.
  • How well my sex life has improved.
  • how fast my ED went away
  • how pretty every girl in the real world looks.
  • how I’m living without crutches and without running away.
  • how thankful my wife is.

thanks to everyone in this community. you’re a big part of why I’m healed. I’m still going to visit this community when I feel weak. This is a life long thing for me now.

For me NoFap is the end of hiding.



‘Bout to hit 600 days

And I used to be a 3-4 times a day! I love it. My life has so many more levels to it now. I used to see life, women especially, through only a sexual lens. Now I have so many more lenses that I use, and can appreciate people more fully.

I really believe the best thing that NoFap can give you is a community of people who care about you and the ability to stop an addiction. But I should also add that I’ve had some great success while doing NoFap as well. I finished a graduate degree and got hired at a really good job.

So, superpowers? maybe. Freedom? Definitely.