ED is gone: I smile more, Social anxiety has decreased

Ladies and Gents, happy holidays!

I started this journey to prevent myself from fuckin up another job, well it didn’t work out too well but I still kept with my nofap. This was before I’ve hard of this wonderful, supportive and informative community. I still got on with it never looking backwards and after a month in stumbled onto yourbrainonporn where the articles/videos I encountered left me short of breath.I was basically scared shitless and reminisced of all the times, the jobs, the relationships that i managed to screw up while addicted to this disease.

After my 90 days I slowly began to notice the benefits that are often referred to by our fellow fapstronauts as “superpowers”. Suddenly I wasn’t sweaty when talking to people, I wasn’t guarding my eyes and I could look someone in the eye, I was beginning to smile more and see my myself in the mirror in a positive light without critiquing myself. I also began to notice that I was becoming more interested in doing more activities besides mindless surfing hour on end so i started to take up meditation, reading, and exercising.

Moreover, my ED is gone and I began to weep in joy as i began to celebrate my victory, small as it may be it gave me hope about the endless possibilities my life has in store for me and for you my brothers and sisters.

So I say to you, get on with it, take it one day at a time and never look back because your life is just starting. We have a supportive community here with endless success stories and may you be just as successful herein. cheers!

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by prim3_tim3