ED is nearly cured. Libido is off the charts

I know no one has a lot of time these days so I’ll be brief: Had erectile dysfunction most my adult life. Fapped once a day sometimes twice; death grip style

After feeling really lousy for a few years I saw my doctor and was dx’d with low testosterone. Was on t med for several months and my t levels bounced back, they now hover in the 700 to 900 range (when I was sick it was less than 100).

Still had ED when my testerone levels were back to normal

Started doing no fap about a year and a half ago and relapse every six weeks or so. Despite the occasional relapse my ED is slowly disappearing and morning wood is returning

It’s a long road but totally worth it. Porn is an incredible waste of time.

Tips to help:

  • Eat well (I chose the paleo diet)
  • Circuit training with compound movements raise testosterone
  • I quit drinking
  • Be more social
  • I also supplement with tribulus and zma-5

Moral of the story; I no longer rely on Cali’s for sex and Os are insane. Libido is off the chart too.

LINK – Some observations

BY – USABoardo


INITIAL POST – The follys of weak man…

Hello, I thought Id take a minute to start a journal, who knows how much ill update it. I’m not too different from all of you. I was exposed to porn when I was young, eight years old I believe. My friends father had a stash of hardcore porn magazines in a trunk in their garage, I was instantly hooked. Along came age twelve and my family got Cinemax, my late night obsession grew. A few years later we got broadband and I was done for. When I was sixteen I remember my first real girlfriend trying to give me a oral sex and I was limp and uncomfortable and a seed was planted in the back of my mind. The seed grew and convinced me that I was forever impotent. When I was 20 I started dating a girl who I would be with for five years. The sex was lack luster at best. I often wasn’t in the mood and I would have to go down on her for a long time before I would get turned on. I would never cum during sex. We broke up and six months later while out with friends  I met a girl, one thing led to another and we wound up back at her place. Not only was I impotent it was as if my D was trying to withdraw into my body. In my head I tried to blame it on alcohol, exhaustion, lack of experience, anything but the fact that I was struggling with ED. Not long after that I met the girl of my dreams we dated for four year, I rarely used porn and save for the occasional instance I never had ED, the sex was great. When our relationship took a turn for the worse I began using porn again and ED reared its ugly head; however, I never drew a conclusion between the two. The break up left me broken and detached, my addiction grew. I was stifled by anxiety and depression. I saw a therapist and learned some tools to help. Tried a few more one night stands with disastrous results. I finally turned to my little blue friend Viagra (more recently Cialis) and haven’t looked back. “I told myself some people have to  take allergy medications, you have to take Viagra, it could be worse”. Over the last few years I have slept with forty or so women. The problem is I felt empty. What porn taught me is that empty sex is what the world is after, much like everything else in the porn world , that is lie. As a man Ive realized you have to base your life around four pillars. Physical, spiritual, emotion and mental well being. They are all interconnected, meaningful relations help them all grow. While randomly browsing the internet for causes of ED in young men I stumbled upon YBOP. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. “Wait” i thought. “You mean to tell me I’m not completely alone in the world?”, “Despite what popular culture, the media and a few well meaning but ignorant friends have told me, there are others going through the same battle as me?” It gave me strength and for that I thank each and every one of you.

Fast forward to today…I started my reboot on Jan 18th 2013, a day that will mark my rebirth. Ive had exactly three slip ups. Like clockwork after each incident anxiety sets in; I have a panic attack and I sleep all day. Like the addict that I am, a few weeks of abstinence and my brain begins to convince me that this is all pseudo science, “you know you haven’t had morning wood the last few days, this is all probably a crock, why don’t you just treat yourself?”. Most times I don’t, occasionally I fall.

An amazing woman has walked onto my life recently. Shes got grace, drive everything I don’t. Don’t get me wrong shes got her faults and flaws like we all do but I’ve fallen in love with her a few day ago I  told her (something I was convinced I would never do again). Much to my surprise she said it back. She loves ME, the man who for the better part of his twenties couldn’t look in the mirror without seeing a worthless, impotent mess. I’m doing this for her so someday I can make love to her without the help of pharmaceuticals, afterwords I will quietly excuse myself from the room and find the nearest reflective object, breath a heavy sigh of relief and forgive myself for the self loathing which has defined me for a decade. That’s a bit of my story, spotty I know but Ive had a few drinks and my thoughts aren’t as organized as I would like. Wish me luck friends, I drink to brotherhood, recover and rehabilitation! Be well.