ED recovery kickstarted with meth, after long reboot.

COMMENTS: We rarely comment on rebooting accounts. Because of the most unusual methods, we must. This man with porn-induced ED used meth to kick-start his libido and erections. YBOP does not condone the use of drugs, but it is our practice to post all rebooting accounts without censorship.

Some long rebooters have jump started their libidos/erection through masturbation or consistent genital massage.

LINK – ED finally cured after more than 5 months

by Adonis333164 days

Started doing NoFap 164 days ago and finally I can say for sure that my ED has been cured. ED was the main reason for quitting PMO altogether. I will make a post another time about all the other benefits I have achieved in the past 5 and a half (which there are a lot and seem to be still increasing over time), but this post is just going to be about the ED and what I did to finally fix it.

I’ve had pretty bad ED the past few years where I could not produce an erection usually at all without porn. Connected the dots when I found yourbrainonporn.com. Been a chronic PMOer for the past 15 years with escalation and all of that good stuff. I’ve had a few times of successful sex during the past several years and countless times before I had ED problems in the years before, but the ED was getting worse and worse to the point of no erections at all.

After no PMO for over 3 months I would start to see ‘signs of life’ only to be disappointed. Erections would be essentially unreliable, like I would start to get morning erections more often and would feel sensations if I was attracted to a girl, but still I just could not get hard when I wanted to. This started to worry me after 5 months rolled around and I still hadn’t been cured of ED.

Well about 10 days ago I was really feeling down and did something I would normally never do, but it kind of just happened because it was in front of me. And no I didn’t look at any porn or masturbate. I smoked 3 huge hits of meth and was high all day. Was so high all day that I finally had to take a Xanax the next day to shut it off. That day and the following day there was even less life to my penis, worse ED of all.

Now the 3rd day comes around and I’m at work and I get hard just from my pants rubbing against my penis and the erection surprisingly remained. I had to actually flip it up to hide it just like I would back in high school. The irony of this really surprised me… I thought this seemed just too good to be true so that’s why I’ve waited 10 days to post this. I got home that evening and could easily produce an erection just by touch, no fantasy at all. I could be thinking about something totally boring and nonsexual and still get hard just from touch.

Each day since they have improved more and more. Morning wood everyday and can get an erection reliably anytime I choose. I have yet to test this with a girl, but I don’t need that to know I’m cured because if I can get hard on command with no sex thoughts at all (like I could when I was 13!), then I’m definitely not worried about getting hard with a girl involved. We shall see though! Definitely feel like a dark chapter in my life is coming to an end.

No here’s where it gets more interesting, I found this article the day my erections returned: Used Meth? Tired of It? Just Reboot. and I think it’s very relevant. Basically they had rats addicted to meth (which acts on the D2 in the striatum just like porn addiction does!) and then after discontinuing their brains would never completely normalize in that region. But they learned that just giving them the drug one more time only at a later date reversed and normalized the function. Like it jumpstarted it back into function. I’m assuming that any more use after the one time would slowly return the non-functioning state of the reward center. Either way, my ED has been cured for 10 days now and that’s how it happened. This was totally unexpected after I had nearly given up all hope.

Disclaimer: meth is an illegal drug without a prescription (yes you can actually still get a prescription for it believe it or not) and I cannot ‘recommend’ anyone else to actually use this exact method unfortunately. But this definitely opens up the debate on whether time alone is enough for a lot of people and perhaps some additional method is needed to ‘jumpstart’ the process after several months of abstaining from porn and masturbation.