ED resolved in 56 days, but too many orgasms set me back

1-04-13 It is like this for me :

-Week 1 – hornyness and flatness kicked in day 3 or 4

-Week 2 –  huge morning wood came back every second day (10min ones, that wake you up from sleep), been there 3-4 times and disappeared, 1 wet dream

-Week 3 – appreciating women’s true beauty, flatness continued, no morning woods or wet dreams at all

-Week 4 – just getting started.

It was weird getting morning wood so early I my hopes got up and felt like on top of the world,now haven’t seen them for more then a week and lil depression kicked in. Hope it gets better.

Wish you all the luck in your reboot! Cheers :)


LINK – Objective completed.

BY – nofap2406


Hi guys, I know I haven’t been most active member. but I read your posts and they helped me a lot, thank you for that. So let’s start from beginning, daily fapper for few years,never got into kinky stuff, still developed ED.

I think it wasn’t a bad problem, but bad enough to make me unable to perform sexually.

I could get hard while making out with girls, even hard enough for BJ/HJ, but in time for intercourse I failed few times and developed anxiety :( .

Found about this site 9/12/2012 and started reboot instantly.

Had a no P relapse on day 6 and then started again.

It was around 50 days of no PMO, I mean NO PMO, not even a bit, was in flatline for about 2-3 weeks during that time, had very little morning wood or erections.

Yesterday (03/02/2013) I had sex and it was great, all the things were working perfectly except a little PE but that is better then ED any day of the week and it will get better with time. I’m sure of it :).

My point is – don’t lose hope. I was a mild case and got healed fast and I’m grateful for that.

Also don’t think many people don’t succeed cuz there are few Success Stories , I think lots heal but don’t post it because they want to leave that part of their lives behind them. I felt like writing this so others know there IS HOPE.

I will try to answer your questions if you got any, good luck and stay strong people, we will succeed !!!



So, I’m back… And sadly not to give you stories of my success again. I fucked up.

After reboot ,i guess it wasn’t complete – I started to have sex and MO every week or so, It was to much for me..

Last week I found out my old problem is back, failing in time for penetration. I O’ed through HJ/BJ few times and it threw me deep in flatline. So I’m going no PMO, this time for life! Advise you all to do the same, Good luck all.