ED seems cured – and it only took 25 days.

No porn or masturbation [and] I have noticed some changes. Originally when trying to have sex most of the time I couldn’t because I just couldn’t get it up with a girl or when I did it would last like a minute or just would be really soft.

It’s been 25 days without porn or masturbation and already I feel a lot “cleaner” within myself. I have also experienced more nocturnal erections and wet dreams. I had sex around day 14 and it didn’t really work. Couldn’t really get an erection and I lasted like a minute but I just forgot about it and carried on with the reboot.

On day 20 though I went to have sex again and initially it wasn’t really working like i would only get a really soft erection which was really hard to penetrate. This stressed me out again but in my mind I tried to relax and strangely after a while it went up I didn’t think about it I just tried my best to focus on the women and what I was experiencing in the moment and it went up enough to penetrate but still not fully erect.

Surprisingly I didn’t prematurely ejaculate and about 10 minutes in I got fully erect. It was like all my problems vanished. I managed to last just over an hour and it wasn’t like delayed ejaculation because I knew if I really wanted to I could cum. I was just really easily able to control it. I’m so happy and hope that this is the start of a long road of recovery.

I hope to continue without masturbation and porn for the full 90 days and longer if possible. I know for sure porn will never be a part of my life again. A question I wanted to know was. Is it alright for me to still have sex or can this send me into a Relapse? Since having sex I’ve noticed the frequency of my nocturnal erections has decreased.

I think them main reason for my reboot is to recover my sexual health.

LINK – Day 25

by Edwardquarry12345