ED – Sex got better with time. Now, it’s fantastic

I started nofap like probably a lot of you to see if it would fix my ED. I knew it was just a mental thing I needed to get over. 

Every time I found myself in a situation with a girl I would get so nervous and all I would think about would be getting it up, and of course I couldn’t because I was so nervous.

I’ve been trying for about 5 months, my longest streak was 60 days. Once I started no fap I tried to only get one night stands, no strings attached type of deals because I didn’t want to embarrass myself with someone who I actually cared about. (I feel like this is a pretty common occurrence here) I had 3 one night stands over the period of a couple months of not fapping, I managed to get it up but came almost immediately. It was super awkward and I felt worse than ever.

After doing some reading on here I decided to ditch the hook-up strategy. After a while I found someone I really connected with. Our first time having sex I finished really fast again, because I was nervous about finishing too soon like always, but we just waited a bit and tried again, 100x better. We’ve been hooking up steadily for a few months and the sex is fantastic.

Guys who are worried about ED or PE, your first time with someone is probably going to be shit, even after not fapping, but if you find someone who really wants to be with you it won’t matter. It takes practice, just like anything. The effects of nofap took a bit to kick in for me.