ED – We have an amazing sex life and an amazing emotional life as well.

Over 70 days ago I reached my limit. I had dated a girl and as usual struggled with ED. I talked to a friend and he told my about this site and I decided to try it out. I posted a few times and found some accountability partners.

After about a month I felt so confident. I randomly gave a girl my number and we started dating. When we had sex it was so easy! I didn’t have any doubts of ED issues. It feels like this is the first time I have actually fully commuted physically. In the past I always held onto porn and it caused a huge problem. But now we have an amazing sex life and an amazing emotional life as well.

To all the people just starting all I can say is, IT IS WORTH IT! It was not easy, but the pay off is amazing. I no longer have any urge to look at porn. I still struggle with not faping but I can keep that in control.

Thank you Nofap!

LINK – Over 70 days! Here is my victory story

by Ironmanbs


UPDATE – I gave up a long time ago but it’s time to start the journey again

So I did really well for a long time on nofap. I met a beautiful women and am now happily married. The problem is that I have slowly regressed back to not just fapping but also looking at porn again. I hate myself for it and have been really trying to stop. I decided today after I failed again to just tell myself that I am not doing it again to seek out this community in order to gain support and try and get back on the nofap train! I would love any support or advice.