ED & zero libido: A very fast recovery

Hi, NoFap.

I’m married, and I started NoFap because sexytimes with the wife were in the dumps. Short version: ED, zero libido, was jacking it once or twice a week just to feel like I still had a sex life (even if it was just with myself.) My first thought when I found NoFap was, “I need to be getting off more, not less, so this sounds completely counterintuitive and stupid.” I tried boner pills, but they were not the magical solution I had been promised.

So, I said fuck it, I’ll do NoFap and see what happens. First 10-12 days, nothing… but this last week, GODDAMN. Feeling that feeling again… wanting to get nasty with the lady. EXCELLENT. Then being able to actually do it? DOUBLE EXCELLENT. Finding out that longevity is apparently a nifty side-effect of NoFap? TRIPLE EXCELLENT. I won’t get into the details (because triggers) but we’ve had a couple very good nights this week. It has been months since I could say that.

I’d like to be rational about this, so let me also give a shout-out to kegel exercises. Just fucking do them. These are the two changes I made in the last month, and either NoFap, the kegels, or some conjunction of the two has apparently done what Viagra could not do for me.

Very happy, wanted to share.

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by rockabilly_pete