Erectile dysfunction is fully gone – this works.

I used to fap every day for months. I got into 2 sexual encounters, both were very terrible because I couldn’t get it up. I searched for answers, I had no idea why a young man like myself would have this problem. I finally stumbled upon this subreddit, and THANK GOD I did.

I began hardmode the first day I looked at nofap, and I was pretty good at it. Took me a while to get passed a week (lol) but eventually i was getting pretty good at controlling myself.

Then I began dating this one girl, and I was determined to get it up. I withheld fapping for a whole month! The moment she and I first kissed, insta boner! And now we’ve progressed to other oral activities. ED is fully gone, I can’t stress this enough. If anyone else is having worries about their ED, DON”T WORRY ABOUT IT. It WILL go away! Just continue on your journey like we all are.

LINK – ED gone!

by TheClownWithNoPenis