Ever since we discovered the gender of our son, I’ve been realizing that he will look towards me

I know this nofap trick may not be realistic for everyone at the moment, but those who are husbands and fathers know how I’m feeling now. Since my son’s birth, I’m viewing my wife more as a beautiful life-giving person and less as a thing to seek pleasure from. The joy she has from our child despite her pain motivates me to do my own creating: fixing up the house, landscaping, gardening, etc. Witnessing a childbirth and helping my spouse is changing me.

Ever since we discovered the gender of our son, I’ve been realizing that he will look towards me to determine who and what he is. This is a terrifying thought but I’ve been given the ability make it a force for good. I can give him a bright future if I only change myself: become a new man. My nofap streaks have steadily increased since that day and now that he’s born, the reality that my son is following me has dawned on me more fully. Where am I leading him?

I have older daughters and they would be more than enough for a normal man to quit PMO, but I am not normal. My girls are a large source of motivation (their future husbands may be like me) and they emulate me to large extent but my wife is their primary example of their femininity and woman-ness.

I don’t want any of my children to inherit the disordered sexuality I’ve allowed myself to develop and my son as a male is statistically more at risk. What I’ve experienced in my nofap journey can be source of joy and love in his life and in my family.

Hormones change in a new father and I know the temptations will return. I’m keeping a journal for my son with messages about his development and my hopes for his life. This along with my current work/prayer regimen will add fuel to my nofap fire.

I’m thankful that this site gives hope to people around the world for an authentic sexuality. I enjoy your victories and humor and I share your introspection and motivation in your failures. I remember you in my prayers and I love you all. Please pray for my son, me, and my growing family.

LINK – I have the longest nofap streak in over a year (judge me). My secret: my first son was born.

by mycourage