Feelings of joy & happiness, Becoming social, Great energy everyon, The Desire to get and hang out

Before beginning, I must say sorry for the bad English.

Besides the feelings of joy, happiness, becoming social, the great energy everyone feels.

I encountered some additional good effects like:

  • The need to drink more water (i don’t know why).
  • When working out I noticed increasing in power and energy. for example, i usually do a pull-up and my ordinary limit is 5-6 lifts, today i was able to increase it to 8-9 lifts (I was surprised when counting until 7 and still have the power to continue, really weird!)
  • You don’t need so many hours sleeping, I’m able to sleep 5-6 even 4 hours without waking up lazy or tired
  • I feel happy without any reason
  • The Desire to work out every day
  • The Day looks like 72 hours.
  • The Desire to get and hang out.

Note: I did some research on internet to find out what’s that thing responsible for these feelings and effects in our body. I found that the effects of TESTOSTERONE hormone on our body are the same as those of quitting -Masturbating and porn-.

So this is the key Guys, TESTOSTERONE is our friend here. THANKS, TESTOSTERONE!!

LINK – Some Detailed Benefits of nofap

by redabelca