Female – 35 days: it doesn’t take as much to turn me on now.

First of all, sorry for not being super active in this community. I lurk a LOT, almost daily, and I’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone for sharing your ups and downs. The thoughtful reflections and insights have kept me motivated.

So, I started nofap after watching The Great Porn Experiment and after browsing the nofap reddit I figured, hey, this might work for me. I was unmotivated, frustrated and constantly going in and out of bouts of depression. I was PMOing every day and sometimes I would just lie in bed and do it for hours. I knew there was a lot that I wanted to accomplish but everything just felt stagnant. So I gave nofap a go.

The first day was awesome. I went for an 11km bike ride, wrote a list of things to do and effortlessly ticked each one off. Cool things that have happened in the last 35 days: – Offered two jobs based on personality alone – No more bullying at work – Raised $4000 for a not for profit – Took on more responsibility for the community organisation I am involved with, getting more respect – Confronted mother on unresolved family issues, she ended up flying my father across the country so that my family could be together for the first time in two years – Start training tomorrow for a half marathon in August; I have never done anything like this before!

What’s interesting is that it doesn’t take as much to turn me on now. I came across a photo of a guy in a suit the other day that normally wouldn’t have had too much of an impact but I actually felt crazy from looking at it. I’m doing this on HardMode and I’m hoping that nofap will help me orgasm a lot easier when I’m with the next guy, this is usually a huge mission and probably because I was of the attitude that “It’s just easier if I do it on my own.”

Why does NoFap work? I honestly think that there is a lot of be said for discipline. Getting disciplined in one area makes it easier to get disciplined in other areas of life. Also, it’s an escape from stress and pain that I can no longer use, so I have to do something else with all that energy. I did feel worse at stages, but it was weird, like I had a lot of clarity around it and I could articulate and experience my pain more directly.

I have committed to the 90 day challenge but I know it would probably be beneficial to keep going longer. Keep up the great work fapstronauts and femstronauts!!

LINK – Femstronaut at 35 days!

by tatianametanov