Female – Age 21: Addictions don’t come with finish lines, but 90 days feels amazing.

So I made it to through the No fap challenge. I truly feel I embody my username and I am free from my addiction to pornography. I actually feel interested in people again. I’m still a virgin, but I actually feel like I am interested enough in people that I might get around to losing it. I feel miles better about myself and the experience has really opened me up to the fact that I really had terrible views on women because of pornography and the kinds of porn I was looking at.

At this point I plan on making my focus now almost solely on no porn because I don’t really think schlicking is my problem. At this point I can watch nudity and not feel any kind of overwhelming urge to get off to it. I am having trouble unfollowing James Deen though, but even reading his tweets used to be tempting so I should probably get around to that.

Overall I have zero regrets about my no fap journey, I ‘reset’ twice in the beginning, but once I had the realization that I was prioritizing pornography above my self in many ways, I was able to get onto this streak and never look back. You really just have to love yourself more than you love your addiction. This was a tough journey for me, but I now love myself way more than I love what is essentially a piss-poor stand-in for real emotional connections and actions.

I apologize for this being so long, but I felt it was appropriate because this day is a huge day for me. 90 days ago I did not think this would be possible. I’d like to thank everyone on No Fap for helping me out, those first few days were spent reading everyone’s threads for support and watching the days go up on my badge. I never want to see that smiley face again! I plan on popping in time to time to check in with everyone and see my badge number rise even higher!

tl;dr: Fuck porn, I made it 90 days and do not plan on stopping.

LINK – Addictions don’t come with finish lines, but 90 days feels amazing.

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INITIAL POST – Finally posting at day 15

I’ve been using pornography for as long as I can remember (girls occasionally start early too and I normally have a high sex drive), starting with really soft core stuff and slowly progressive to the worst sexual degradation videos I could find. I never really figured it was affecting my life until I realized that I wasn’t sexually interested in a real man any more. This kind of scared me, given that I’m 21 and still a virgin, mainly for lack of sexual interest.

Anyway, I soon found nofap. Like many of you, I fit in perfectly with the symptoms, but I also believe that porn game me a really negative view of myself. I’ve been depressed for a lot of my life, and I think that, while other actors influenced it, a lot of it was brought on by PMO issues.

I’ve made it to the point where pornographic images don’t excited me. When I stumble on them, I quickly cover the bad bits with my hand while I try to exit the window. I can really feel changes in myself and I’m so excited for the future.

All of this is good, but tonight, for the first time in a long time, a person has turned me on! Sure it’s via text message, but it’s a definite start. I did schlick a bit and have engaged in dirty talk, but I don’t feel Nofap for me is truly Nofap, but no porn. If the opportunity to have sex with the right person comes up, you best believe I’m going to tak it :p

Thanks for reading my post, my revelation tonight finally motivated me to making a separate Nofap account so I could participate in the community!

tl;dr: I’m winning the war against my PMO addiction and have finally decided to join!